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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-18-2011
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Accepted Solution

X1 - Charger (Kensington Absolutepower) detected but not charging

I recently purchased a Kensington Absolutepower ( as a replacement for the standard 65w charger that was shipped with my X1. 


It seems to be compatible with other X-model Lenovo laptops, and Lenovo are listed as a supported brand, however when plugged in the X1 does not charge. The charger is recognised, (the familiar bleep sound and the green light next to the laptop input lights up when plugged in) but does not charge the battery. The charger is set to the correct voltage setting, and all Lenovo firmware is up to date. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this product combination before I return the charger?

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: X1 - Charger (Kensington Absolutepower) detected but not charging

Good Morning,


according to the following link: the X1 model is not compatible with the Kennsington Absolute power adapter. 


Below is a list of compatible X-Series Models:

X100e-2876 (L) X100e-3508 (L) X200 (L) X200 Tablet (L) X200s (L) X200s (L) X60 (L) X60 Tablet (L) X60s (L) X61 (L) X61 Tablet (L) X61s (L) X201 (L) X201 Tablet (L) X201s (L) X300 (L) X301 (L) X301 (L)

Serge E. Minott