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X1 Convertible Ideation - New Forum Feature

We've introduced a new Forum feature which we hope will interest everybody and specifically X1 Convertible, (aka X1 Yoga), owners and fans.  Currently its placed at the very bottom of the Community but we intend to be moving it upwards in the near future and adding a link to the right sidebar in this Forum.


Lenovo values customer feedback and is always open to new product ideas, but never really had a formal public process for collecting customers' ideas.  With Ideation we now have that process which over time we will broaden to also include other products and services; it may not be possible to incorporate all the ideas we receive but everything is valuable.


What is Ideation?

Ideation is a structured process which begins when a member submits and idea, they are required to select a label for their idea in order to organize the different ideas into meaningful groups. Whilst moving through the process ideas will also be given a status by Lenovo who will also comment on and encourage certain types of feedback which may help an idea move forwards. Other members will also be able to comment on and vote for ideas they consider worthwhile by awarding the submitter Kudos.


If you have an idea which you would like to see incorporated in the product please visit the board and post your idea along with any relevant information, argument and illustrations to help  explain why Lenovo should adopt your idea.

Thank you in advance,



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Re: X1 Convertible Ideation - New Forum Feature

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you for this opportunity!


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Betreff: X1 Convertible Ideation - New Forum Feature

Good one! Time for an in depth look into my X1 Yoga 2nd gen for some ideas... 

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Re: X1 Convertible Ideation - New Forum Feature

The 'ideation' forum is super quiet, maybe because this thread title is a bit vague. It might help to rename the current thread to 


X1 Convertible Ideation - Share and vote for your product improvement ideas

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