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Fanfold Paper
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X1 Extreme Battery > 3 Hours Unacceptable!

Three days with my new X1E and cannot get it better than 3 hours battery life.  I've read all I could find on battery saving and tweaks and three hours is the best I could get.   I turned down the screen to about 50% and with zero activity, just sitting idle with the scren on, it lasted just over 3 hours.  I also did a battery calibration refresh - no change.   


Also, in Power Options I changed Processor Power Management > Maximum Processor State > On Battery = 30%.   Still 3 hrs.


How is it possilbe to claim 15 hours in their specs???   I see others are getting around 6 hours; I'd be happy with that...


It would make an excellent desktop that's plugged in all the time.   Sadly, it's going back for a refund...


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What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Extreme Battery > 3 Hours Unacceptable!

That is terrible. I get ~10 hours out of my X1E easily.


X1E 1080p, 16GB i7-8750H, Dual SSD (970 PRO 512G, WDC PC SN720 512G), Pop!_OS, Undervolt, TLP, CPU Power Manager


I guess you're on Windows. May be it is doing creepy stuff that you are not aware of. I do not allow corporate scammers like Microsoft on my hardware.

Token Ring
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Re: X1 Extreme Battery > 3 Hours Unacceptable!

This is strange. I could easily get 5+ hours on the 4K model of X1E.

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