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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-07, 15:33 PM

I actually returned my X1E2 which was a customized order for a P1G2 that was one of the preconfigured models and have had better luck regarding the keystrokes.  

X1E2 was ordered Black Friday, received early dec. P1 ordered prior to Xmas and received prior to Xmas.  It must be a hardware issue, but I don't know what it could be.  Software wise, I've noticed a few differences in the vantage app, like the battery icon didn't show in the task bar by default etc, so I'm really not sure why it's better unless it's the hardware related. 


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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-07, 15:36 PM
My P1G2 exhibits the behavior. Ordered late September, received late October.

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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-07, 16:02 PM
Well, the forum is closing down today.

See you on Friday, when it will be reopened.

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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 18:07 PM

I also have this problem & it's unacceptable for software development. I ordered the laptop mid-November, and received it late December.


What are our options now? Wait with no guarantee of a fix? Request replacement keyboards in the hopes that they will be better? Or is it possible to return & get a refund?


Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 18:12 PM

Same problem here. I opened a service request yesterday and today fedex picked it up. I'll post updates.


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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 18:19 PM

So you will see different people giving different opinions here in absence of Lenovo's official statement. But if you ask me, this is 99% software related. See what other people are saying and compare that with your situation and make a decision.


I asked for the replacement as I was still within a 30 days window. But in my case I have a plenty of issues (including this one) main one being multiple daily freezes.


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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 18:23 PM

Wait with no guarantee of a fix? : Sadly, the only thing that we can do

Request replacement keyboards in the hopes that they will be better?: Several others have already posted that the replacements have the same issue, so probably not worth the trouble
is it possible to return & get a refund? That is what I have been asking for for months, but absolute silence from Lenovo, so it doesn't seem an option after the first 30 days of your purchase. I believe if you request 2-3 times a repair service and still have the problem then they can give you a new laptop (of course same model that might probably have the same issue, since the source has not been identified yet). But this is again a lot of trouble, being without your laptop for weeks, having to reinstall all/copy your files over and over...something I am not either willing to do nor can I afford it (I use my laptop mainly for work).


Because I was constantly frustrated and infuriated when typing, and wasting a lot of time, nowadays I am always using an external keyboard. This makes the portability of a laptop completely useless. To have this running around for 3 months, with no solution, no updates and no options for all of us affected is simply outrageous, especially for a 2-3K machine. Shame on Lenovo. 


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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 18:41 PM

As a Lenovo premium support customer, I contacted support, finally. They've sent technican and replaced keyboard. As expected, the issue was not resolved. Now they will replace controller board and if no go - motherboard. However, I managed them to confirm the issue. Lenovo certified technician confirmed the issue and escalated. I'll keep you guys informed about progress. I have to admit, that Lenovo service pretty fast and responsive, at least for premium support customers, however I still think that it is unacceptable to make premium product buyers to be beta testers or QA engineers. At least for free. 


Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 19:08 PM

I tell you a story af a guy that leaved him job as software engineer to end studies in another country. He ordered an X1 with 7 day for shipment. Few days before leaving him country he received an email telling "we are sorry but your order require a delay" (more then 20 days) so he asked for a refund and ordered another X1 from the new country....surprise, he received another identical email. So he was so angry to order the cheapest one from lenovo (e495). It is a good computer for programming, but not enough for doing some calculus on neural networks so he waited the x1 meanwhile. In 30 December the x1 arrived but he wasn't in that country to receive it, and asked to him roommate to take it. When he finally putted him hands on it, he found the problem of the keyboard after few days. Now our return period is of 14 days and they are gone....he loosed a lot of money because he leaved him job to end studies (and they are in another expensive country) but it was not possible to work without a working pc.


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Re: X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-01-16, 23:07 PM

I don't know if I was horribly unlucky or if this is exactly what others here are experiencing, but my initial P1 gen 2 keyboard was horrendous. Not only did it miss keys it also fealt wrong.


I opened a support ticket with Lenovo and they swapped out the keyboard.


The new one feels much much much better and barely loses keys, compared to constantly losing keys in the first 1. One big visual diff is that the new keyboard has a "dolby atmos" etching on the front something that was absent from my original keyboard.


My p1 gen 2 was purchased very close to release.


My conclusion here are that there are 2 distinct issues:


1. Subtle loss of keys under exceptional cases, which may or may not be bios related

2. Major almost unusable keyboard that was shipped with early p1 gen 2 and x1 extreme gen 2


I highly recommend you contact support here, they were increadibly helpful and are doing the best to address my issue.


As it stands I am waiting for a complete replacement, one thing I noticed with the new keyboard is that the keys get HOT after very light use specifically ghty6758493, so somehow something about thermals in my laptop may be off or maybe this is just a bad design hardware wise.


Waiting on my new laptop, Lenovo support have been increadibly helpful, I am in Australia.

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