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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-21, 13:37 PM

Oof, looks like they performed the upgrade against an older database.


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-21, 14:13 PM

Yep: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Forum-Housekeeping/We-re-Moving-TODAY-Updated-Tuesday-Jan-7/m-p/4615531. The missing posts are coming back.

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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-21, 20:25 PM

Hope all posts will come back. I was shocked, because initially i thought Lenovo removed posts because they dont want to see it. ;) 


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-25, 5:50 AM

After months, firmware tests, responses, silence, and more time wasted, I have something to say:




This is a Hardware problem. It can't be resolved by a Software update.


Please Lenovo, HURRY UP and resolve this issue as we expected with a new and proper keyboard. There is NOT other way to fix this.


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-25, 7:15 AM

Great that this thread is still here at least, but now it looks very bad that all the google results (e.g. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Extreme-Gen-2-missing-keystrokes/td-p/4569936/page/24) to this thread (before forum upgrade) just go to some post not found page with text "Oh wrong!". Also I was subscribed to this thread and the email notifications stopped and all the older email notifications (latest one I have is from last Friday I think) also have broken links (like: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Extreme-Gen-2-missing-keystrokes/m-p/4653338#M111385) which just goes to a page that says "The post doesn't exist".

Initially this got me worried that Lenovo had intentionally deleted the whole thread. It took me a while to find this again by navigating the forums (I even tried the forum search first but couldn't find this via it).

Now I had to verify my email again to be able to login and also to subscribe to this thread again to be able to follow the discussion/info about the issue. Hopefully the missing messages also come back.


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-25, 12:32 PM

I am currently evaluating this machine for our company and therefore bought it Dec 2019 for personal use. First, I noticed a "coil whine"-like noise coming from the CPU, that disappeared in the BIOS after disabling CPU power management. Not an optimal solution, but I can live with that. Second, I noticed missing keystrokes. That is a no-go, because we're writing tons of source code. Personally, I loved Lenovo notebooks in the past, because of the excellent built quality and the outstanding keyboard. Because of that, I will base the decision primarily on Lenovo's behavior on this issue. Lenovo, please take action and fix the issue. I really want to like your brand, and I guess I am not the only one out there.


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-25, 21:36 PM

Same problem here. I just submitted a repair request but I'm not holding out any hope.  I asked in my ticket to return the machine if there is no actual fix to this issue but I received it two months ago so they probably won't go for it. 


Had tons of issues with the carbon gen 6 too (screen brightness not working when coming back from sleep mode, track point and track pad went wonky all the time).  Luckily I bought that at Costco and they took it back no problem. 


If Lenovo doesn't take care of me or this issue I will for sure be done with them going forward.  Definitely not going to be purchasing any Lenovo products for my team at work (I purchase and set up all laptops/computers for a team of 20).  NONSENSE for such expensive machines. 


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-26, 9:52 AM

Same story here. The technician is coming over on friday to replace the motherboard.


Nice person, I told him replacing motherboard won't do and he said he's been requested to do it. So, let it be.


He said he has seen the forum thread and understands how things go, yet officialy Lenovo Europe says they have no official reports about this problem so it's non existent (officialy).


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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-26, 11:07 AM

Hello there,


I'm another guy with the same problems in my X1 Extreme Gen2. Mine is from the end of September and I'm using the latest drivers.


In my case, I sent the laptop to depot and they swapped the "keyboard logic card" which is a tiny card behind the battery. After the replacement, the missing keystrokes were reduced but the problem persist.


I sent it again to the depot complaining about the problem wasn't fully solved and the depot says that the keyboard is now OK. I'm not sure what type of quality tests they are using but it is not true that the problem is solved. Which is very frustrating for me because I know that they are lying.



At this point, Lenovo has to fix different problems with this laptop:


  1. The quality of the keyboard: There are at least, 3 keyboard providers. Some of then do not provided high quality keyboards. In my case, I think my keyboard is not the best of the class because I tested an L series Thinkpad and the keyboard is much better than the keyboard of my X1.
  2. Some of the Keyboard logic cards are defective. When the depot changed my card, my keystrokes have been reduced, but the problem is not solved.
  3. It could be possible that there are other factors problems in this case.


Lenovo, I think this is a huge mistake, considering the price of this machine. The depot service is not working well (at least for me in south of Europe). We only demand a laptop to do our work, and now the expectations of this brand are not the best.









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Re:X1 Extreme Gen 2 missing keystrokes

2020-02-27, 14:44 PM

I have opened a Tweet with @lenovo, @lenovoUS, and @LenovoSupport, regarding this


Go to https://twitter.com/LenovoSupport/status/1232998060948631552


I have just received a first answer and I have requested aknowledgment of the issue and a proper timeline of how to sort it out. Please feel free to expand on this.

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