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X1 Extreme - Random shutdowns

2019-09-14, 1:53 AM

So I am having random "graceful" shutdowns while on battery only. I have the full report here:




But I will describe my issue here as well.


I have about one or two random shutdowns a week while on battery. I make a point of using the computer as long as I can on battery to test for this issue.


The shutdowns are graceful (the computer shuts down as if I had pressed the power button) and my log shows this:


 Sep  3 12:00:00 pop-os kernel: [ 7605.639952] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled HKEY event 0x6031
    Sep  3 12:00:00 pop-os kernel: [ 7605.639956] thinkpad_acpi: please report the conditions when this event happened to ibm-acpi-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
    Sep  3 12:00:00 pop-os kernel: [ 7605.673852] thermal thermal_zone0: critical temperature reached (128 C), shutting down
    Sep  3 12:00:00 pop-os kernel: [ 7605.682764] thermal thermal_zone0: critical temperature reached (128 C), shutting down

I know what it says however temps are at around 50c when it happens. Bear in mind that I can game on this machine for hours and temps do not rise above 90c, but sometimes even when idling with the lid closed the computer shuts down and I see this message on the log file. Shutdowns are exclusively linked to battery usage. Never happened on AC.


I have reapplied thermal paste to no effect. Also I am using thinkfan to control the fans more aggressively but it had no effect. I am undervolting the CPU but I have had shutdowns without the undervolt active as well. Fans do not activate before it shuts down. It has no time to ramp them up as temps seem to go from completely cool to bonkers in 1 second and then it shuts off.


I am on POP OS 19.04, BIOS 1.23. And I tried running a live distro overnight but the issue is so rare that battery just runs out before it can possibly happen.


Running out of ideas to try out. I could try to increase critical temp but if something is actually getting this hot I would not want to risk it. I emailed the address in the message but had no response.


I appreciate your help.

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