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Paper Tape
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X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner



I've recently acquired an X1 Extreme with i5-8300H & 8 GB of RAM. The fans are very loud & come on relatively frequently although I'm currently using it for light browsing, syncing files over the network and other low-impact activities. I've switched off anthing that would use any more power than necessary (unnecessary background services, switched to optimised for battery, switched off dGPU, configured BIOS 1.19, etc.). The machine is on a laptop stand & it's about 20° where I live. I've undervolted the processor to -0.150V & followed nearly all the advice on these forums & Reddit. I've stopped short of repasting since it's simply not normal that I feel like I'm working on a jet engine whilst not doing intensive work with the laptop.


The following video shows Intel's XTU's CPU use at +-25% & a package temperature of about 65°. I can hear that noise from the other side of my apartment!


The other problem I have is with the fingerprint scanner which virtually never works. I've tried creating several fingerprint profiles & resetting the old ones.


Any pointers to how I could solve any of the above problems would be great.


Thank you!

Punch Card
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Re: X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner

CPU temp is ok for this load. My X1 X with 25% load can reach 90 C, but the fan is almost silent. Probably GPU temperature is the main reason of your problems. Check GPU temp by GPU-Z or HWiNFO.
If you repaste CPU and GPU - check twice if GPU has good contact to the radiator. It's important because silicone pads on Geforce RAM in X1X are too thick, and sometimes radiator has no contact to GPU.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner

I've switched off the dGPU, so it shouldn't be this hot nor this loud IMO. I don't think I should have to repaste chips on a brand new computer running nothing special & optimised to the nth degree.

I think I might just open up a support request, because it doesn't seem like anyone else has this problem so acutely.


Serial Port
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Re: X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner

Unfortunately, it is quite common. I've read lots of complaints about the fan noise on the X1E and I have experienced it on my own X1E.


I finally got it to the point, in Windows in UHD resolution, that you don't hear the fan at all unless playing a game, which should be the case in my opinion--I should never hear the fans if I'm just word processing, browsing, or even web deving... unless the intakes are completely covered and I'm in a 95-degree room.


Anyway, somethings I did (and some of which I shouldn't have had to do since it should have come from the manufacturer with this already addressed):


  • Repaste... unfortunately. I did liquid metal like I've done on several other laptops withpout issue. Just use Kapton tape.
  • Removed the stupid f'ing mesh that gives it that nice high pitch whine
  • The BIOS options are a joke and don't do anything, but I have set on battery instead of max performance... didn't notice any difference from this though
  • Undervolted the CPU with Throttlestop
  • Undervolted the GPU with MSI AfterBurner
  • Performance Options > Visual Effects > Adjust for best performance
  • This guide is good too (from when I was dumb enough to own Razer products):

Fan noise is still somewhat an issue in Pop!_OS 19.04 (Ubuntu distro I hadn't heard of until recently, but it is dope) and macOS (Mojave 10.14.4)... yeah it is a triple boot with one drive being partition into two, one being macOS Hackintosh and the other Pop!_OS. In both those I did have to disable the dGPU and set to FHD instead of UHD... can't really use it anyway, and wouldn't want to, except for using external monitors since the TB3 video and HDMI are through the GTX 1050 and not the Intel 630. So that does kind of suck.


That being said, as of late the fan noise seems pretty minimal in Ubuntu and macOS so that is a work in progress.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner

@ ishraqiyun77

Thanks for your input. It seems that it's a fairly common problem but still my fan noise seems far more intense. I've already gone through all optimisation possibilities & I won't repaste nor remove the mesh although I have done on other computers. It just don't believe that it can be this loud through simple browsing, word processing etc.


Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Extreme very loud fans + fingerprint scanner

Here's an update for all those interested in the topic.


I called tech support who were very helpful. They sent a technician to replace the logic board and the fans. The problem persisted. I had noticed in the meantime that it was only an issue when the laptop was plugged in.


I called support again who sent me a new power pack and another technician who swapped the fans and repasted the GPU and CPU again.


I've still got the same problem. It doesn't seem linked to a heat build-up with the power connected since the fans start revving up when the computer has just been started and no heat has accumulated. Tech support suggested picking up the laptop to check it out in their lab but I need it daily for work until November at least. Until then, the problem is unresolved and it seems as though this is an inherent design issue with this laptop.


Has anyone else noticed that the fans are incredibly loud?


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