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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎03-03-2012
Location: Norway
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X1: Instant on - Not very instant (such as shown in the commercial).... Why?

I just purchased the newest X1 with i7 processor and SSD disk. In the commercial it is proclaimed with "Instant On" where the PC ready to use even before the lid is open when it is opened in the morning. Similar to a Mac.


However, When I open the lid, it has to think for some 6-8 seconds before it is ready to use. I have disabled password protecion for wake-up and enabled instant on and found no other settings that affect this. The bios is up to date and I have installed every possible update from the Think Vantage tool. Even the updates that were not possible from the tool i updated from the website. 


Have I been had or is there a different problem?

Punch Card
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Re: X1: Instant on - Not very instant (such as shown in the commercial).... Why?


Just received my X1 with i7, 8G RAM and with 160GB SSD on 20/3/12, and having the same problem which is not instant on. Even my i7, 4G RAM and 256 GB SSD MacBook Air 11" also unable to performed instant on especially if keep for few days, thus believed there is no such thing as instant on and is only good for commercials either from Apple or Lenovo.




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Re: X1: Instant on - Not very instant (such as shown in the commercial).... Why?

[ Edited ]

6-7 seconds sounds right. I have read that the Asus Zenbook resumes in 2 seconds, but even some "Ultrabooks" resume in longer than 5 seconds.


Does the screen come on instantly, or does it take that long?


I'm curious to know your experience. I put a Samsung SSD in my X220, and it wakes up in about 7 seconds, but what happens is the screen comes on first, almost instantly, but the mouse and Trackpoint remain locked for 5 seconds or so. But strangely, the keyboard seems to respond instantly as soon as the screen turns on, so I can use the Windows button and then the arrows to navigate around.


Same for you?