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What's DOS?
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X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?



I paid top dollar to get this latest greatest Thinkpad X1. I have used Thinkpads for well over 15 years. I was working in a coffee shop, put it in standby, closed the lid, put it in my bag, walked 100 meters to another store, sat down and opened my machine to resume work and found a hairline crack right across the monitor from one side to the other. 


The machine seems fine and most the time it is hardly noticeable. I have a full 3 year warranty but IBM wont even consider the warranty because they say it is physical damage and whenever its a monitor that is damaged they wont even begin to consider it covered under warranty. They want AUD640 to replace the monitor.  I was on holiday and so can also claim in my travel insurance but this is highly unusual for Thinkpads in my experience and wanted to knwo if anyone else has had or heard of similar problems with the screen cracking on a Thinkpad X1. 

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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

my X1's LCD is fine... i haven't heard many LCD cracking on the X1, other than when people left a pen on the keyboard and slamming shut the LCD.

Jin Li

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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

screen of my X1 cracked as well.


what hapened to mine is that my friend accidentally closed the lid with a pen in there. I would understand that if a great force was applied to it then it would shatter the glass but he did not as he closes it like the normal way of closing the lid and it cracked already across the screen. I believe the lenovo guy did not bo a great job returning the screen when he replaced the integrated camera. we tried the same experinment on my other colleagues laptop and it didn't even had a single scratch.


I guess the corning gorilla glass is not that tough after all. now my we had to replace this as this is not covered by the warranty.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

Hi, guys! 


I have another problem - I dropped my X1 in the bag and sleev from about 0,5 meters height and it fell on the corner. That caused the glass to crack (ok, completely shatter in the upper left area of 3 x 1,5 inch), and there are looong cracks across the creen. Now, the LCD panel below is healthy, but the corner of the plastic cover (1 x 0,25 inch) is also broken off.



What I want to know - I need to change the whole screen assembly or is there a possibility only to change the glass and covers, leaving the expensive LCD screen?


the whole assembly with cover and LCD panel costs around 430 € (in Slovenia) + work, so I am looking for a cheaper solution, if possible. If there were a IPS panel, I'd go for it, but ... 


So, any hints about the glass? Is it glued to the LCD or not? 


Thank you very much in advance.


Best Regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

Same issue, did you solve it?
Juan Pablo
Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

No ... I got a quote from local Lenovo service for circa 650 $ to change the screen ... which is almost the price of a new laptop ... 


It's utterly embarassing to carry this broken screen, though ... 



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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

Aren't thinkpads "military-grade" stress tested for strength?The whole thing shattering frm a 0.5m drop doesn't sound like a particularly tough laptop...

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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

@mss40 wrote:

Aren't thinkpads "military-grade" stress tested for strength?The whole thing shattering frm a 0.5m drop doesn't sound like a particularly tough laptop...


Depends on whose military I guess.


Even true hardened devices (and the thinkpads aren't even close to that) can be damaged by a light bump in just the wrong place and at the wrong angle.


I've seen a Panasonic Toughbook screen shatter when it was dropped from a few inches on the closed lid - but a pointy rock apparently caused enoufg impact on just the wrong spot to shatter the screen. I had seen the same laptop survive a drop from the tailgate or a container onto a concrete pad with only a few external scratches

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

Hi, our user also have the same case that the screen was found with crack after the Lenovo on-site support yesterday.  The second call of Lenovo support come on-site subsequently gave the report with "physical demage".  What is meaning on the physical demage?  It means that it is customer's responsibility although there is quality issue or some issue caused by Lenovo support in spite of working under the normal operation!


I feel very surprising that Lenovo notebook has such kind of quality and services.  The screen is one of the main component and they said that it is required to pay the repairing cost although it is under warranty.  This mean that under the normal use, they do not have confidence on their screen of notebook since it is not included.  They encounter high failure rate under the normal situation.


I have mentioned with the sales and the technical of Lenovo and vendor.  The result is "Must" pay money for repairing!  Anyone can help!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Screen Cracked! Anyone else?

This happened to me 4 hours after getting my brand new X1 from work after waiting for 4 years to get upgraded. I was quite frustrated. In my case I just closed and opened the screen and it cracked. There was a bit of residue or glue or some small fleck of a particle between the bottom plastic bezel and LCD and I am guessing that when I closed the lid it pinched the bezel to the LCD and broke it right at that point. Luckily mine was a work laptop so they gave me a new one that next day. Of course, just my luck I got one with the crappy rubberized track pad that others have complained about. Our IT guy was nice enough to swap trackpads for me. I am scared my laptop will break again and treat it like a fragile piece of glass Smiley Sad

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