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X1 Yoga 2017 fan noise

I've been using my X1 Yoga 2017 for a few weeks now and I've noticed that when I'm doing simple things like checking email, browsing the web etc. the fan kicks in sporadically. The is most noticeable when I first power on the computer, or wake it up from sleep


The problem is that the fan is pretty loud, for example, if I'm sitting in a meeting and the fan kicks in then its pretty audible to most people in the (small) room


Is there a way to control the fan RPM or at least reduce the fan noise in some way so that its not so noticeable? I would prefer not to have to open up the computer to do any work (e.g. reapplying TIM)


Currently my CPU temp is 48C, but it goes up to 84C usually straight after windows starts and thats when the fan really kicks into high gear

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Re: X1 Yoga 2017 fan noise

One option that comes to mind is to change your Windows System cooling policy. Go to Settings--> Power & Sleep --> Additional Power Settings, then, next to the active power plan select 'Change Plan Settings' then 'Change Advanced Power Settings'.


In the modal that pops up, scroll down to Processor Power Management and expand the choices there. Now expand System Cooling Policy. Selecting 'Active' will increase fan speed before slowing the processor down; selecting 'Passive' will slow the processor down before increasing the fan speed. There will be one setting for 'On Battery' and one for 'Plugged In'; usually the defaults are Passive, Active respectively, but you can change both to passive if its bothering you that much.


That said, if your processor is ramping up to the point where the fan is operating regularly, then there's a good chance that you have a 'rogue' program running that's using up too much CPU. This could be an application or a browser window. In fact, each window in Chrome runs like a separate app with its own memory and CPU usage. Use Task Manager to check for rogue applications, and use the Chrome Task Manager (Shift-Escape in Chrome) to see if there is a window in particular that is gobbling CPU.


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Re: X1 Yoga 2017 fan noise

Great advice, Andy. Also go one step further and disable unnecessary third party "start up" programs as follows:


1) Open the Task Manager

2) Click on 'Start-up' tab

3) Right click on the third party programs and disable them

4) Enjoy a quiet and peaceful machine

5) You're welcome Smiley Wink


- FW

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