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What's DOS?
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X1 Yoga 20FQ 2101 Detection error on SSD (M.2)

My X1 Yoga with a 512 GB hard drive just started getting the "2101 Detection error on SSD (M.2)" on boot.  When I am able to get it to boot it stays up for 10-30 minutes, then freezes and/or reboots.


I have seen numerous postings in this forum and elsewhere but no definitive description or solution.


Lenovo support refuses to answer any questions as the laptop is out of warranty.


This is clearly a defect and KNOWN to Lenovo - yet I cannot find any resources to help solve the problem.  How is that even possible?


If this is not addressed by Lenovo this will be my very last purchase from them.


Does ANYONE have concrete information as to what this problem is and how to fix it?



What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga 20FQ 2101 Detection error on SSD (M.2)

I'm going to declare a solution here:  the SSD (hard drive) had come loose and was intermittently connecting.  I opened the case, reseated the drive, and it appears to be working.  Would be nice if Lenovo would post such a solution...would have saved me hours and a lot of worry.

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Re: X1 Yoga 20FQ 2101 Detection error on SSD (M.2)

Reseating the SSD did nothing for me.  I updated BIOS, Lenovo drivers, removed the M.2 and cleaned the contacts, unchecked power management & disk sleep, wore garlic around my neck...everything I read.  I was getting that error, and some random BSOD's several times a day.


I was about to buy a new SSD M.2 and decided to take one more shot at cleaning.  This time I took a look with a loupe.  Look at this white corrosion bridging the contacts where the M.2 socket is soldered to the mobo.  Socket on the left is unused and there's a big difference.  I tried air - lots of it.  It didn't move it at all.  So its some corrosion, and its not on the contacts the M.2 touches.  I just sprayed contact cleaner on a toothbrush, and brushed it like your dentist tells you to brush.  It took several applications, but it now looks just like the un-used socket on the left.  



 No 2101 errors, and no Unexpected_store_exception BSOD's.  I felt like a genius.


They came back a couple weeks ago, now its several times per day.  M.2 slot is still very clean.  So now I saved an image and put it on a new SSD drive.  This is a Samsung 256 with an NVMe interface (My T460s will go either SATA or NVMe...not true of all computers).  If it's been a few months and I haven't posted back here, you might assume the new drive was the fix.

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