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X1 Yoga 2nd Gen: 2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2)

2018-08-28, 7:17 AM



I have a 2nd Gen X1 Yoga (20JES00N00) which is not even a year old and, for the third time now, is giving me an error ("2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2) \\ Press Esc to continue.") when I start it up (and pressing Esc as instructed only prompts a question where to boot from, and then leads to the same error again).


First time this happened (in March), Lenovo Hotline Zagreb sent me a new SSD, which I had installed by an expert (turned out it was impossible to do without special tools, because a screw had been overtightened at the factory). Second time (in May), I got a new SSD and mainboard installed. (Needless to say, each time with significant downtime and hassle setting up the system by myself again). Now the error is back a third time.


Does anybody know of a solution which really works? This is rather frustrating.


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Re: X1 Yoga 2nd Gen: 2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2)

2018-08-30, 3:51 AM

I encountered the same issue today. Sometimes it starts up smoothly after shutting up from that "press esc" screen, but sometimes it just keeps reappearing. My X1 Yoga 1st gen is now over warrancy. I wonder what could be done with it!


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Re: X1 Yoga 2nd Gen: 2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2)

2018-09-01, 18:35 PM

I had the same issue on my 7-month old TP X1 Yoga Gen2 (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Yoga-Gen-2-quot-2100-Detection-error-on-SSD1-M-2-quot/m-p/3974908)

@sum296, all I can think of right now for you is to check the BIOS and SSD firmware and see if you need updates. Check UEFI/BIOS settings and make sure you didn't change anything there that could have messed it up. If your warranty has ended, maybe try opening it up to check the connector, re-seat the SSD, and see if it helps. If not, if you have another SSD you can swap in, try that. Worst case would be that you have to get a new mother board, which can be very expensive.


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Re: X1 Yoga 2nd Gen: 2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2)

2019-10-22, 14:45 PM

I've had this problem on an X1 Yoga for I think over a year now, and I believe I've found a consistently working solution (although it is one to attempt at your own risk).


It's to hold the laptop in the closed position with its left side (the side with the USB-C ports) facing up, lift it about an inch or half an inch over a hard surface, and then gently slam the right side down against the surface. It might work best to follow through with the motion so that there is no bounce.


The theory behind this maneuver is that there is a just slightly loose connection between the SSD and the motherboard, and this slamming motion imparts just enough impact in the right direction to slide it back into place.


I've attempted to manually remove and re-insert the SSD as well, but the screw is in there really tight and I wasn't able to get it out, and this seems to work better than applying direct pressure to the SSD.


(Probably getting a technician to reseat the drive would be a less risky longer-term fix, and that seems to work for others posting elsewhere about this issue, but I've applied this technique successfully ~5 times now.)


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Re: X1 Yoga 2nd Gen: 2100 Detection Error on Storage Device (M.2)

2020-02-18, 5:15 AM

I will happily admit I thought slamming the laptop on its side was the stupidest idea, but I became so frustrated, I thought I'd bump it on a pillow on its side just to do it.  Surely enough, it worked for me first try.  Thanks!! Considering mine's out of warranty now, I'm very curious as to what the issue has been.  The X1 Yoga has been the biggest disappointment for in the Lenovo line (and I've used basically every one since the X220).

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