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X1 Yoga 2nd Gen auto contrast reduction & volume issues

My new X1 Yoga has two problems when playing video - wondering if there are any solutions out there:


1)  After 5-10min when playing video on battery power, the screen switches to a low contrast mode.  It doesn't seem to be a brightness reduction, it seems to be specifically a contrast adjustment.  Setting it to the "Timers off (Presentation)" power plan seems to disable this "feature", but in Balanced, Airplane, or Power Saver mode, the auto-contrast is enabled.  I have tried changing the following advanced power settings, with no luck:


Display -> Enable Adaptive Brightness -> Off

Multimedia -> Video playback quality bias -> Video playback peformance bias

Multimedia -> When playing video -> Optimize video quality


as well as the Windows 10 built-in "change brightness automatically" setting.  I've also looked in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel settings, but my version has nothing related to auto-brightness/contrast.  I can't seem to find whichever setting it is that differentiates Timers Off from Balanced, w.r.t. this auto contrast thing.  The Create Power Plan function doesn't even allow you to start with the current settings, so I can't clone the Timers Off plan and work backward from there.


2) Audio volume when watching a movie in Windows Media Player or Movies & TV is almost unusably low, even with output cranked to 100%.  Watching the same movie in Pot Player gives a volume level that seems "normal".

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga 2nd Gen auto contrast reduction & volume issues

I have a similar issue but not with the same repro situation. I would say it is auto-contrast related, not auto-brightness related. It happens when I switch from a very dark screen like a black terminal to a very white screen like any Office application. The contrast on the very white screen appears oversaturated for a noticable amount of time until it balances out.

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