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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Battery Life Less Than 8 Hours

@YOGAbbagabbro wrote:

Oh, wanted to note I don't have Steam or Vortex components installed. I prob have default WMR and some Nvidia drivers for the external gpu.

Thanks. I changed too many things to determine what - if anything - made a difference, but right now I'm able to get 5.5W power draw at 50% screen brightness (500nits HDR screen) while typing in this text box, and 6W if I keep Edge open and type continuously in Word. I'm on power mode "better battery" in the left click battery menu. 6W at 50% brightness with small load is closer to what I got in the early days.


Things I did: disabled the NvTelemetryContainer in autoruns, as well as three Oculus entries (OVRService, OVRLibraryService, Oculus_ViGEmBus). I also installed this fix (again?) that was released a while back to help deal with a CPU that wouldn't throttle down when plugged in. Not sure if that one ever got distributed over Vantage. 


Again, I have no idea if any of these made any difference, but whatever the reason, I am back at reasonable power levels that should easily get me 6-7 hours. Let's see if this holds.


And yes, if anyone knows of a good tool that monitors the power draw from processes and system components, that would be great! Android does a great job at this, and iOS is pretty decent too. Surprising that Windows has nothing similar. 

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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Battery Life Less Than 8 Hours

When you feel your system works overloaded without any reasons, you may open task manager and check how CPU is utilized. If it runs at full speed (GHz) and utilized by 50+ percents, seems something heavy is running. 

Go to details page of Task Manager and sort apps by CPU usage. Heavy apps will be on top, so you can check what eating your battery.


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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Battery Life Less Than 8 Hours

I am getting around 3.5 - 4 hours. I had the laptop for less than 6 months.

I also experience extreme heat out of this one. I technically can't have it on my lap because it could give me a serious burn if left for 15 minutes.

Does anyone have a similar issue with heat and battery? Could this be a software update thing? or I should seek a replacement? 



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