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X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) constant stuttering/display freezing

2019-02-01, 20:44 PM

I received a new X1 Yoga roughly a week ago and have been having a consistent issue from day 1 wherein, at random (but frequent) intervals output to the display will freeze.


I know the operating system hasn't hung, as I can use the keyboard or mouse to interact with the UI and hear audio feedback, but it's like the display completely stops refreshing and it frozen on a given frame for anywhere from 2 seconds to indefinitely. Once this issue starts, it seems to get worse and worse until one of these indefinite freezes. The freezes can always be recovered from by shutting the display, letting the laptop enter sleep mode, then re-opening, but usually re-occurs very shortly afterward.


Extended diagnostics with the Lenovo diagnostic tool and memtest86 return no errors, and Lenovo support sent out a replacement NVMe SSD which failed to resolve the issue. For now I have escalated in MTSA again and am waiting for a response to see what their next idea is, but was curious if this issue sounds familiar to anybody else/if anyone may have a root cause? FWIW, I haven't been able to reproduce this issue in Linux, but it can be produced in windows (both fresh from MS and via Lenovo's restore image) in <10 mins, making it that much more frustrating to nail down which component may be acting up.




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Re: X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) constant stuttering/display freezing

2019-06-16, 7:07 AM

Hi, I have exactly the same issue on my new X1 Yoga 3rd Gen. I have enabled BIOS assistance for Thunderbolt 3 in the BIOS which improved the issue a little bit. However, the Laptop is not usable and working with it is not possible.

Did you solved your issue in the mean time?

I think I will contact support and try to return this Laptop...



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