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X1 Yoga 3rd Gen loose and creaking botton cover

I've had my Yoga since it came out a few months ago and in the last few weeks I noticed that the bottom cover is loose and creaking. What I mean is, I can press on the corners of the bottom cover right under the palm rests and they move by a few milimiters. The two screws in the corners are NOT loose, in fact they are as tight as it gets, but they're clearly not holding the cover down tightly enough, almost as if they should be screwed in tighter or just be shorter. My buess is that whatever padding is under the cover got squished and now there is too much clearance.


Anyone else have this problem? I could shim the screws or maybe try to stick something under the cover to press it against the screws, but I haven't opened the system yet as I'm already unhappy with this laptop for other reasons (flickering keyboard light, **bleep**ty Linux support, etc.)


Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen loose and creaking botton cover

I have the same problem with my Thinkpad Yoga 370, which I believe uses a similar construction to X1 Yoga 3rd Gen. It's almost like front corner screws are a little bit too long.

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