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X1 Yoga 3rd Gen replacement keys

2018-05-18, 15:06 PM

I've had my X1 Yoga 3rd Gen for a couple of months, generally very happy with it.


Yesterday I noticed the right arrow key (bottom right of the keyboard, under the PgDn key) is broken - not completely, but the left half of it stays depressed when pushed down.


Aside from the fact that I'm unhappy this has happened so soon after purchase (and my sense that it may be a function of the retractable keys and that there's more of the same to come), I'd like to know (a) if these keys can be replaced and (b) what I need to purchase and from where.


I've had a look at various sites including http://www.laptopkey.com/ and none have any specific reference to the X1 Yoga 3rd Gen.


Can anyone help please?


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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen replacement keys

2018-05-18, 15:13 PM

Since your machine is new or at least less than 1 year old it should be under warranty.  If it was me i would call support to have keyboard replaced.  I have never had a key fall off but have had keys that were "overly" sensitive.  I would hit a nearby key and it would trigger the key next to it as well.  Lenovo replaced the keyboard and problem was solved.


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Re: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen replacement keys

2018-06-10, 18:19 PM

I had the same issue with my x1 yoga 2nd gen. The arrow keys felt slightly off from the beginning, but then around month four they started just popping off entirely if you hit them from any angle other than dead on and slightly towards the top of the key. I also couldn't find replacement keys, but they do sell whole x1 keyboards on ebay for $50 or so. I was planning to take a key off of the new board I purchased and try to replace the individual key, but think I'll try lenovo support first.  I purchased the whole keybord and top deck and the keys feel much better, so worried about mangling the new keyboard attempting to fix one that may be a lemon to begin with. Replacing the keyboard on these things looks a little risky and work intensive since you basically have to dissassemble every component of the machine to access the keyboard. Everything is built onto the top chassis. Lots of chance for nicking a cable or losing a screw. will update after contacting support. 

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