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Blue Screen Again
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X1 Yoga - Active Pen Highlighting in Kindle

I previously owned an X1 Yoga 1st Gen and now own a 3rd Gen (20LD).  Fantastic machines (I love reading with the X1 yoga-ed to the tablet position) except for one aggravation ... the Active Pen(s) are almost impossible to use to highlight text in Kindle.  I have tried both the Active Pen that comes with the X1 and Active Pen 2.


Let's see if I can explain in words: To highlight any text, I press the top button, place the nib at the beginning of the desired text, then drag to the end point. 


If the end point is at the end of, say, a paragraph with no text to the right of the last word, I can continue to drag the nib to the right, then lift and release the button, and all of the text that I selected remains highlighted and I can then add a note or colored highlighting, etc.  Perfect.  Exactly, what I want.


BUT, if the end point has text to the right of it, I must stop at the end point, lift and release the button.  But by doing so, the highlighted text truncates to the final word and a Dictionary definition for that word pops up.  NOT what I want, at all!  This action repeats every time no matter how I drag the nib, release the button, cross my legs, or hold my breath.  ARRGH!  And this behavior occurs in other reader type programs, as well.


Am I missing something?  How can I get this to work without having to resort to using a mouse?  Is this something that the Active Pen/Wacom people can fix - perhaps thru a software fix?

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