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Paper Tape
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X1 Yoga Display Dimming Issue

This is a dimming issue for me with the WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS Touch. When i first boot the PC for the day, the screen is usually about a 75% brightness. Using the brightness adjustment allows for further dimming the screen but the true 100% brightness is not acheived. I will list how I was able to restore the 100% brightness (but its not holding between all reboots). 


1. Rolling back the Intel 520 driver will restore the screen to 100% brightness. But on a reboot, it is back to the 75% dim issue. 

2. Updating the driver through the device manager will restore the screen to 100% brightness. But again, on a reboot it is back to the 75% dim issue. 

3. Uninstalling all of the 520 Video Drivers and rebooting returns the screen to 100% brighness. 

4. I installed the 520 Video drivers from the Thinkpad site and after a reboot, the screen is holding at 100% brightness. 

5. I went into my system properties and disabled Windows 10 from updating device drivers for now. 


I can not be sure that this is simply a driver issue with the Intel 520 Video. Yesterday, after going through the above process minus disabling the driver updates in Windows 10, I did a clean install and the system ran great (Bright) all day and reboots returned to a full 100% brightness. Then the next day at the days first boot, the dimmness issue returned. As stated, the above listed process has the briightness back at the moment, surviving reboots. 


I am concerned that there is also a sensor issue or the screen needing to warm up or alike? I will be shutting this unit down for the day and see if, once fully cooled off, the issue returns. 

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Re: X1 Yoga Display Dimming Issue

Your problem sounds like a manifestation of this issue (click), in which case I suggest you install the solution (click) and reboot twice.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Yoga Display Dimming Issue

I gave the patch a go and it may have worked. Thanks... I say may have worked because I'm not sure if the screen is as bright as its supposed to be, but it is definately brighter then it was at the maximum setting during the issue and going to a lower setting and returning it to the maximum setting works. (Same as it was before lowering the setting). 

Former Employee
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Re: X1 Yoga Display Dimming Issue

In response to customer reports of X1 Yoga ThinkPad systems demonstrating unexpected display brightness behavior, Lenovo has released a two-step solution via BIOS update and registry value change.


First, install BIOS v1.21 or above:

Version 1.21

UEFI: 1.21 / ECP: 1.14

(New) Modified the brightness control for OLED panel.


BIOS v1.21 can be downloaded here:


Second, follow this procedure to reset a registry value:

1.  Reboot the system and press F1 key while the Lenovo logo is displayed to go into ThinkPad Setup

2.  Go to “Security” tab by using Left/Right cursor key and select “Secure Boot” using the Up/Down cursor key, then press Enter key.

3.  If the “Secure Boot” is “Enabled”, press ESC key twice, select “Exit Discarding Changes” by Up/Down cursor key and press Enter key twice to reboot the system. Go to step 5.

4.  If the Secure Boot is “Disabled”, press ESC key and move to “Startup” tab by Left/Right cursor key. Make sure “UEFI/Legacy Boot” is set as “UEFI Only” and “CSM Support” is set as “No”. Press F10 key to save and exit the ThinkPad Setup and reboot the system.

5.  After rebooting the system, download the registry patch file attached to this message, “X1YogaOLED.doc”, and save file to the Desktop. Rename as “X1YogaOLED.reg”.

6.  Double click the “X1YogaOLED.reg" file and allow to execute the registry patch.

7.  Restart the system. The patch will fix the issue and the BIOS v1.21 and up will prevent the registry value from being changed, allowing brightness to behave as expected.


Thank you,

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga Display Dimming Issue

We have tried to installed latest BIOS version 1.21 and updated the same. After rebooting downloaded registry file and run the same. But dimming display issue is not resolved. Please help.....

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