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Re: X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust)

Could be. Checked mine,, dated 10/7/2016. Think the newest driver is causing the problem. Just delete the newer driver and then download lenovo's download posted here. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Re: X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust)

YES! It works, but Lenovo compendion software ask me to update the driver. I hope you can integrate an oled fix for the next update. I do not really understand that such a simple and obvious mistake before the driver update package was deployed, was not uncovered by any internal pre production tests. Because the number of possible ThinkPad display panel configurations are not endless, so the number of checks before deployment. If I read through all the driver issues you have here (e.g. fingerprinter, ...), honestly your QA should really be improved. In a market were performance isn't an issue anymore and most of the features you buy with a product will never be used, reliability and stability are the number one market drivers. Anyway, thanks a lot for your fast support. I am personally being convinced that this OLED X1 is the best notebook on the market.



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Re: X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust)

I have a similar issue with the brightness control. No matter where I try to adjust ; control panel; battery saver; if I move it at all from full bright the screen goes black.
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Re: X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust)

Same here since the last update. Given that the OLED is REALLY bright at night, this is really annoying. 

Someone please update these faulty drivers, the problem isn't solved !!!!!!

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Re: X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust)

Hi guys. I experienced the same issue with brightness, the problem is that i couldnt adjust it. It is always at 100% . I tryied to reinstall and disable/enable the drivers, searched old/new drivers but with no results, I also reinstalled windows many times , finally I let windows 10 upgraded to the last version 1703 (15063) and everything worked just fine. For more infos the intel hd graphics 620 version is . X1 yoga 2nd gen oled screen.

Hope this will help

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