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X1 Yoga and ThinkPad OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter

I am thinking of buying an X1 Yoga, but am a bit concerned about the lack of ethernet port.


I am looking for feedback on the OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter - Lenovo part #4X90K06975. This is the adapter with just the ethernet port - no other ports.


I have found some feedback on the docking station, and the adapter with more ports.., but I am interested in the ethernet-only adapter.


Does it work well? I've read about a variety of issues with the other adapter and the docking station.


one thing that concerns me a bit about the adapter is that the OneLink "plug" looks like it sticks out a lot from the side of the laptop - is it the kind of thing that can easily get dislodged, or broken.., or worse yet.., damage the port in the laptop? This laptop will occasionally be used in a bumpy environment.


I see that i also have the option of a USB-Ethernet adapter, but I would rather leave my USB ports free for other devices - connectig to instruments is one of the main jobs for this laptop.


Additionally, I assume that the USB-ethernet adapter will need a driver, and i am worried about driver conflicts with the drivers for the instruments.


Presumably, the OneLink to RJ45 adapter does not need a driver - is that corect?


Thanks for any help

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Re: X1 Yoga and ThinkPad OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter

The OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter provides the magnetics and RJ45 port for the Intel i219 controller on the X1 Yoga's motherboard. I presume that the machine's slimline case precludes building in these components. No additional drivers should be needed, as they will likely be installed from the factory.

The plug is fairly mechanically rigid, though I'm not convinced that the join between the plug and the cable will survive too much rough handling. I'd urge Lenovo to come up with some better moulded strain relief.

Token Ring
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Re: X1 Yoga and ThinkPad OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter

This explains my confusion of find the I219-V listed under network adapaters. I was trying to figure out where this extra Ethernet was. It costs (list price) only $5 less for OneLink+ to Ethernet vs. USB 3.0 Ethernet (24.99 vs 29.99) so not much savings to end user having this built in. Also why doesn't the OneLink+ doc just use that Ethernet rather than having its own. Seems some really odd decisions?

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Re: X1 Yoga and ThinkPad OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter

A key reason the OneLink+ Dock doesn't use the i219 is that the OneLink+ Dock works with older OneLink laptops via an adapter cable. Unless I'm very much mistaken, OneLink laptops do not have an Ethernet controller hooked up to the OneLink port. The Ethernet component of the OneLink to RJ45/VGA/Power adapter is implemented using a USB 3.0 Ethernet controller.


Moreover, if I read the i219 datasheet correctly, 8 inches is the absolute maximum length of the MDI interface between the Ethernet PHY and the magnetics - fine for a short 'dongle' like the OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter, but useless for a cable connected dock like the OneLink+ Dock. It is a shame that the excellent i219 (PCI Express connected, with jumbo frame and 802.1q VLAN support) cannot be exposed via the dock, which uses an inexpensive Realtek USB 3.0 Ethernet chip.


Only Lenovo can explain the pricing, but I would observe that the OneLink+ to RJ45 adapter contains a proprietary connector, whilst the USB 3.0 Ethernet solution uses a cheap commodity USB 3.0 to Ethernet chip. It may well be that the USB 3.0 Ethernet solution is a Lenovo branded version of a mass market product.

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