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Token Ring
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X1 Yoga fingerprint reader (Synaptics WBDI) stopped working after repair / motherboard replacement

So lenovo replaced my motherboard because of a defect HDMI port. The HDMI works, but now my fingerprint reader isn't responding.


When trying to add or remove fingerprints in win10 settings... nothing happens. In form of no windows or program starts.


No error in device manager, and Synaptics WBDI (SGX enabled) has no errors.


Fingerprint reader is enabled in bios.


Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.


No effect... Help?

Token Ring
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Re: Fingerprint reader stopped working after repair



Few rounds around the Internet got me absolutely nowhere.


Lenovo said that it was a known problem and the only way to fix it is to do a factory reset.... BULLS** is my response to that. Anything software related can be fixed without nuking your system.


So i refused to give up and with a bit of trial and error i found a way.


You have to tie your Microsoft account to a pin AGAIN! Even if you already had one. I guess the account is tied to your hardware somehow.


Here are simple steps to fix it:



1. Make shure to Activate and Resett fingerprint reader in the BIOS


Reboot and enter the BIOS (f1 during boot)


Go to Security > fingerprint



Make sure Predesktop Authentication is [Enabled]

And to to "Reset Fingerprint Data" and press [Enter] to reset


Save and exit




2. Make shure drivers are up to date and working


Run Lenovo Vantage (windows store) to make sure your running the latest drivers for everything including the fingerprint reader. You can also download the drivers directly form Lenovos product support page, but Vantage actually works (so Kudos to Lenovo for that one).


After that check you device manager if the driver is running currently.


Like this: 

(Start menu > type "device manager")

devices.JPGLike this... You don't want the yellow triangle warning or (SGX disabled)

If you got a yellow triangle or (SGX disabled).. Then uninstall the drivers by right clicking on the device > Uninstall Device > Remember to check "delete the driver software for this device" and click uninstall 


Screenshot 2018-08-28 23.22.19.png


Then reinstall the driver. (This time you might need to get the driver from Lenovos product page)


3. Reboot and registrer pin code (THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART)


After a reboot on the login "windows hello" page select "other login options" > "pin code"


This will result inn an error message asking you to re-tie a pin to your windows account. (You will need to validate you login if you got 2 point verification)


When you have created a new PIN, log back inn



4. Setup fingerprint login


Open the start menu and type "fingerprint". That should bring up "set up fingerprint sign in" link to the top. This should take you to sign-in options.





Click add another and follow the instructions. The prompt should ask you for your pin. Before, this is where it would stop working, but now after the pin "re-tie" it continues to the fingerprint registration.


When your done, close and log out to see if you can log back inn with your fingers.


Voila - No reset


Serial Port
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Re: Fingerprint reader stopped working after repair

Yes! Had my "motherboard" replaced on my Yoga 910 and could not get fingerprint reader to work without first using PIN to sign in as above.


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