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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Yoga in tent mode defaults back to passive cooling

No, simply killing it (or stopping the service) has no effect.

You have to disable the service and reboot.

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Yoga in tent mode defaults back to passive cooling

Ok, will try that tomorrow I hope


I didn't read the last message of the support

"I wasn't successful in convincing the X1 Yoga team to change the behavior"

So Lenovo pre-install an utility that downgrade the performance of the laptop (ok, in case of tent mode) without informing us and we should be ok with that?? Just remember it's a 3000$ computer, designed for professionnals!


Beside this point of view, that do not explain the behaviour on my laptop: the performance are not only downgraded, the CPU behaviour becomes really strange by switching between a low and a high frequency everytime.....

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 Yoga in tent mode defaults back to passive cooling



I am struggling with the same problem. I am using my X1 in tent mode all the time while I am in the Office and while it is connected to the USB-C Dock.

When I had video calls using Skype for Business or BlueJeans the perfomance always became extremely bad and the X1 was unusable. as it was only that significant with video calls I did not find the link to the tent mode. Now that I am using it in normal mode all works fine.

Troubleshooting took many 2 days and 2 reinstallations... very annoying!


I understood that Lenovo is not going to change this setting. Honestly... I cannot understand that!  Why does it have to run this mode whilest it is connected to the USB-C Dock?  In those situation you are using it as a laptop and not as a tablet and furthermore the tablet mode is disable by default as soon as I work with multiple displays.


So could you disable this feature when tablet mode is disable AND/OR when device is connected to USB-C Dock?


best regards


Paper Tape
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Re: X1 Yoga in tent mode defaults back to passive cooling

This problem seemed to have been resolved for some time, but it has popped back up in some early 2019 updates.  I am not sure which update however, and Lenovo support declines to troubleshoot the issue, they only will do so if you re-image your machine to begin with.  I have an identical machine that doesn't happen to be under warranty, which was re-imaged yesterday and exhibited the problem immediately, but since that machine is not under warranty Lenovo support won't consider that as valid info. The throttling problem when in tent mode happened within minutes of completing the re-imaging.


I use my X1 Yoga 2nd Gen with the keyboard face down flipped up below an external monitor and have had it this way for over a year, when all of a sudden it would just slow to a crawl and the processor would be stuck at .8ghz or so.  Rebooting brings it right back to life for a while.  As noted it seems to be fine for a while, then when idle it drops into a deeper sleep mode with the CPU clock speed throttled and the fan stuck in passive mode.


For anyone else running into this the solution described earlier of disabling the Lenovo PM Service does resolve the issue, but then you lose HotKeys.  The Lenovo PM Service needs to be Stopped, and Disabled, then the machine rebooted.


Maybe Lenovo will "fix" it in a future driver or bios update, but they didn't really sound interested so leaving the PM service disabled is the only option for now.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 Yoga in tent mode defaults back to passive cooling

Hi there, firstly thanks to tinocuas for this post and investigation. I have struggled with this thing since I bought my 2dn gen Yoga and you cand find a lot of posts over the internet about it.


At first I thought my unit was to blame, because even Lenovo sell his Yoga line with the promise of a clean and powerfull setup like the one below. 


Desktop Setup lenovo-thinkpad-x1-yoga-3-thunderbolt.jpgsetup promoted by Lenovo

Anyway, I followed the recommendations and I want to share my experience. In my case I disabled the PM Service from the service manager and was prompted to disable the Hotkey Client Loader as well. Then I changed the startup type of both services to Manual.


lenovo services disabled.pngLenovo services disabled

Then I put my unit in tent mode and used XTU to see if some throttling occurred. This was yesterday AM and after more than 24 hours of using my computer in tent and "normal" mode, sleeping, traveling, working at home and back at the office the performance is not affected or reduced.


throttling test xtu.pngXTU

I may add that I have not rebooted the computer in this period of time, so if that affects the performance afterwards I will update my feedback.


Some specs about muy unit:

X1 Yoga 2nd Gen 

Type 20JES0NS00

BIOS N1NET46W 1.33

Lenovo Vantage Installed and working

Windows 10 May 2019 Update



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