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X1 Yoga touch screen not working

Hello people!


Shortly what has happened and what has been done.


Machine arrived, not our companys common brand. Anyway, Well first action was to install windows 10(1607) from USB stick. Win 10 Enterprise clean. And plan was after that update the drivers. Yes and all partitions were cleaned during the installation. So no going back with those. 


After installing everyhing. Touch screen is not working. I went trough the one topic that is located here on the page. Found the wacom firmware update package and updated all that was inside the package. Did use lenovo system update tool for updating everything imaginable there was. Also bios was update.


At one point when I did the wacom firmware updates the PEN actually worked. But at that time the touch with finger didn't work. Well at that point I did continue updating and removing of devices/drivers and reinstalling. Well in the end I was again on the same situation that nothing on the "touch" screen works.


Has anyone else had these experiences? I have started thinking that maybe there is actually some real malfunction on the touch screen.

Last thing I have done is I tried to install the first release of windows 10 from usb. This came to state where it asks for country localization information and when I continue from there it just reboots and takes my back to that screen. So I'm in loop with that.


I also strated to think about ordering the recovery media for the machine...but it would take time to reach me. Can these recovery media's be downloaded from somewhere?


Thank you who ever reads and replies. Smiley Happy

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Re: X1 Yoga touch screen not working

I have had the same issue. I have downloaded every update I could find including one that was apparently meant to fix this. Nothing has worked. It is concerning that such an expensive product can be this faulty. I wish I could provide some insight as to how to solve this but unfortunately all I can do is confirm that you aren't the only one dealling with this.

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Re: X1 Yoga touch screen not working

After imaging a dozen x1 yogas with windows 10 corporate image, 3 ended up with touchscreen not working. after restarting them, 1 fixed itself while 2 others still didnt work after trying to calibrate, uninstald HID drivers, i even tried the exe. file from lenovo website, and it said the drivers was not found. I even tried reimaging again. The last resort that fixed them was resetting bios setting to default and save/ exit. Started working immediately and saved me the trouble of sending back to lenovo for replacement.
(copy and paste from my previous post)

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