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X1 Yoga with Office/Outlook 2016 issue

Recently (within the past couple of weeks), I have had two users bring up a strange issue to me. First let me preface. We are mostly a Dell shop here (on Windows 7 and Office 2010) getting ready to transition to Lenovos for our next round of hardware refreshes (together with Windows 10 and Office 2016); however, we do have a few beta users who are using X1 Yogas (mostly executives) with Windows 10 and Office 2016. 


Back to the two users...they both showed me the most peculiar issue within Outlook that I cannot replicate (I am on an X1 Carbon, Windows 10, Office 2016). When crafting an email in Outlook, select popup/dropdown menu items will only show for a split second. To be specific, Outlook's normal behavior when you enter the first few characters of frequent email recepients you get a small popup window with the closest matches containing those characters. That popup window stays open until you click on one of the choices or finish typing out the recipient's email address. On these users, the recipient choices do pop up, but for only a split second and it disappears - it doesn't stay open for long enough to even read who the choices were.


The other issue is when clicking "Attach file". It has the same behavior of showing up for a split second - once again, not even long enough to read your choices - then disappearing immediately. It's driving our users crazy and I can't seem to find any fixes for it. I thought it was the mouse clicking speed, but no matter what adjustment I made it still exhibited the same issues. Help!

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