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X1 carbon 3rd gen TrackPoint issues (Win 10)

I want to report several issues with TrackPoint.


Basic Info

Laptop: X1 carbon 3rd gen

Model: 20BT-CTO1WW

OS: Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from Win 7 Pro)

TouchPad driver: Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Driver ver.



Issue 1: TrackPoint does not work with MS Office 2016 (except Word).

Mid button + TrackPoint cannot scroll horizontally in Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote. Scrolling vertically works well.

Horizontal scroll works well with Word 2016, Notepad, Microsft Edge, Firefox, etc.

Horizontal scroll works well in Excel 2016 with ThinkPad mouse (model: MORFGOO) with mouse suite.


Issue 2: TrackPoint calibrates even in mid button + TrackPoint mode.

If you tilt TrackPoint steadily for a few seconds, it calibrates and takes it as new zero position. This is a correct behavior.

If you hold mid button and tilt TrackPoint steadily (i.e. scrolling), it should never calibrate. This is another correct behavior which was seen with my previous ThinkPad notepads.

However, my X1c TrackPoint calibrates even when mid button is held. After 0.5~1 seconds, the scroll stops. When releasing, the mouse pointer moves automatically. This is annoying.


Issue 3: Mouse pointer changes size when mid button is pressed.

The same as this post.



I use TrackPoint a lot with Excel and the above issues lower efficiency.

I hope there will be new Synaptics driver to resolve the issues.


btw, I'm not sure which is the best way to report bugs, because there are tooooooo many Lenovo and ThinkPad official "solution" software...

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