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Paper Tape
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X1 carbon 6th gen: paint peeling off and left palm rest area clicking noise

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the problems I am about to describe with their thinkpad X1 carbon 6th Gen. I bought mine a few weeks  ago and was really happy with my choice until I noticed that everytime I lay my wrist below the keyboard it makes a sharp clicking noise. You can feel it and hear it everytime you push on that spot. Also, I noticed the painting is peeling off from the bottom part of the computer that heads toward my chest when using. It is brand new and I use a waterfield sleeve protection for the laptop all the time and take really good care of it (I've only had it for two weeks!). Has anyone experienced these problems?



Serial Port
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Re: X1 carbon 6th gen: paint peeling off and left palm rest area clicking noise

The palm rest cracking was simple fix.

I had the onsite warranty guy come accross. there's basically a barcode label (for the manufacturers obviously) stuck to the speaker. the label buckles every time the palm rest is pushed on. rip it off and happy days! (you would have to open the bottom case of couse)



Fanfold Paper
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Re: X1 carbon 6th gen: paint peeling off and left palm rest area clicking noise


I got my brand new X1 Carbon 2 months ago but I am facing a few issues. I noticed from week 2 a small paint chip on the edge of the laptop above the bottom parts. I attached a picture to have an idea.


I believe we were scammed by Lenovo.  Where the heck is the carbon fiber? the high quality? the Maserati of business laptops? I really spent a lot of Mexican Pesos to buy this and now I am stressed by this **bleep**ty issue.


If this happened in two months then I wonder what might happen in a year. The black paint is gone and you can see the white alumiumn/plastic beneath. Is this normal to happen so early without any incident like dropping the laptop or anything similar. I was under the impression that thinkpads are sturdy machines that were supposed to withstand heavy usage. Is it covered by the warranty?


Here you cand find another posts about it:



Paper Tape
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Re: X1 carbon 6th gen: paint peeling off and left palm rest area clicking noise


Just curious how do your case go with the warranty service?

A week ago,I noticed there were 2 white dot on the edge below the palm rest. And I tried to wipe them off as I thought they were just dust. But those were actually paint coming off. And during the following week. It start developing. Right now there are 7 spot on the same edge. Around 1to2 mm each. Right side, the edge below heat vent is now complete off. Similar condition is happening on the left side. Its like the paints time is up.

I had my 10weeks old x1 carbon inspected in Seoul ths afternoon, and they refuse to acknowledge their faulty manufacturing and quality control. Said its caused by my mis handeling.
They even go so far as to find different explanations on how I scratch it by myself. That disgusted me.

There's one guy on reddit do get it warranted, but he seemed to be the only one who got it.


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