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Paper Tape
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Re: X1 - erratic trackpoint - Synaptics

" It should already provide more range at the high end." It should indeed. This is yet further proof (if it were needed) that Lenovo does not believe in the trackpoint any longer and will not develop it. Shame.
Punch Card
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Re: X1 - erratic trackpoint - Synaptics

It saddens me to think that next time we purchase laptops we will be looking around. There has been a myriad of small problems we've had when buying new ThinkPads this time around, including the TrackPoint issue. It's been battery issues, connection issues, and more.


We love the keyboard, but the whole slashing the larger capacity batteries for some ThinkPad series while still not being able to supply the market with their own Lenovo PowerBank USB-C because it's sold out in a corner of the world and hasn't even reached all continents is frustrating.


Poor execution leads to looking for other brands.

What's DOS?
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Re: X1 - erratic trackpoint - Synaptics

I have a Carbon X1 Gen 4 that I bought in Nov 2016 but didn't start using till March 2017.  Within a very short time, the trackpoint started misbehaving intermittently but often ... I have to push it with all my might just to have it move a tiny bit across the screen.  As other folks have said, this is a huge problem when trying to use the laptop.


Geek Squad helped me to replace drivers etc to no avail.  Eventually, I got the keyboard replaced under warranty (a pain, since I had to remove all my data then reload it), but the problem recurred again within just a few months. 


I'm debating whether to try another keyboard replacement, but the posts here make me think we all need to push Lenovo to fix this. 


I'm in agreement that this is a great little laptop EXCEPT for the trackpoint problem, and that I buy Lenovo since I LOVE trackpoints and hate trackpads and external mice.  But if this problem isn't fixed, then I will need to go look for another vendor who has a trackpoint (does that exist?) that works, since this problem cannot be tolerated


Please help us, Lenovo!   .....N

Punch Card
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Re: X1 - erratic trackpoint - Synaptics

There is new firmware update. Giving it a try at the moment...

Paper Tape
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Re: X1 - erratic trackpoint - Synaptics

FYI I believe I do now have an update installed through Lenovo Vantage.  Granted this is a replacement laptop (I did return the 1st one I was having issues with). 


But I can't say that I've had the trackpoint issue for the last week or two.


Keeping fingers crossed.  Will follow-up if the issue returns.


But I'd suggest going through Lenovo Vantage and doing the updates there and see if it might solve the issue.

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