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X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-09-25, 22:20 PM

Hi, its me again.


Few days ago i bought Lenovo x100e Netbook

Product ID: 35086AG

Athlon MV40(1.6GHz), 1GB RAM, 160GB 5400rpm HD, 11.6in 1366x768 LCD, ATI Radeon HD2200, 802.11bgn wireless, WWAN upgradeable, Bluetooth, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, 3c Li-Ion, WinXP Professional  (iNSTALLED AFTER SHOPPING)


Win XP PRO SP3  Updated to date, All latest drivers.

After pressing Caps lock, the OSD indicator for caps lock just stay turned on till next time i start windows.


Another question. As you can see up there, my x100e comes with 1GB RAM memory. Adn when i click to start ->settings->control panel->system, under computer section it says "768 MB of RAM".

Is it possible that guys in shop just replaced 1 GB factory RAM with this 768?

Cause as far as i know...1GB of RAM is equivalent to 1024 MB of RAM.


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-09-29, 23:31 PM

I've had my X100e for several months and about 2 weeks ago I also have the 'permanent' Caps Lock indicator displayed after the first time I hit the key and it doesn't display the correct status and won't go away.

I discovered a hack to fix it but it's just a nuisance (and has to be done for each user if you have more than one user defined).  I am running Windows 7.


Open the Task Manager and delete the TPNUMLKD.exe process. If CAPS LOCK is displayed it will go away.  Then open Windows Explorer and go to the "Program Files"/Lenovo/HOTKEY directory and click on pNumLkD.exe and now the indicator for the current user will work as intended.  It displays the correct Caps Lock state and when Caps Lock is off the indicator disappears after a couple of seconds.


I hope this works for you, but would like to see a 'real fix'!




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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-10-01, 10:46 AM

I have the same problem!  Thanks for the tip, but me too, real fix please Lenovo!


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-10-15, 13:08 PM

i just fixed this problem, it is hard to believe!

I think my "CapsLk" button is stuck internally, thus, i press completely and flick it up by finger nail, try few times.. then it work!!!!

Good luck!!


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-11-03, 10:21 AM

I have the same issue.


I actually intentionally installed the latest Hotkey Features Integration software because it expressively claimed to fix this issue:


From the release note for Hotkey Features Integration :

[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where CapsLock indicator may not work.


I intend to roll back to the previous version and hopefully that will remedy this issue.





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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-11-04, 19:39 PM

I had the same issue today.  I hit caplocks and the display on the screen would not go away.  How can you rollback to the previous hotkey driver? 


After I rebooted the on screen black box was gone.  This is an annoying problem.


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-11-13, 1:28 AM

Is there a fix for this issue? 


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2010-12-12, 22:55 PM

Hello, All.

Found the following article in Lenovo's support site:


Fix the Caps Lock Always On Issue


The article only has instructions for Windows XP, but it worked for me in Windows 7.  Control Panel, Display Properties, Advanced, Onscreen Display tab, set both "Caps Lock On" and "Caps Lock Off" to turn off after a few seconds.  The default keeps the display on whenever CAPS LOCK is on, but we've all seen that the "timer" doesn't always seem to realize that we've turned Caps Lock off.  Anyway, after 2 days of use, the Caps Lock on-screen indicator stays on for 5-10 seconds and then goes away.


Hope this helps you.


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2011-01-02, 19:34 PM

Hi all,


I just had this problem pop up on my X100e yesterday. When it happened again today I ran System Update, and there's a newer version of the hotkey package to fix this. Downloaded it a few min ago, and the caps lock button works as it should now. (cred to Lenovo for fixing that one)


@piratk, this is a newer update than the one you tried back in November (v3.11.0001). The newest package is v3.30.0000.


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Re: X100e Caps Lock OSD issue

2011-01-05, 3:52 AM

I had a similar (or the same) issue.


Here a description and solution to the problem. 


I posted it a few weeks ago in another forum




hope it helps.



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