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Re: X100e Wireless Replacement - 60Y3177 Realtek No Good

I am very glad to learn it's not just me having a problem with the Realtek 60Y3177 card.  It won't authenticate to a Cisco AP with WPA, I see lots of errors from the card on the AP.  I had already found and ordered the Intel card, 43Y6517, and am happy to hear that others have had good luck with this.  Hopefully it will show up soon and I can some better wifi on this system!

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Re: X100e Wireless Replacement?

Hi, I have a brand new t420i that came with the intel centrino wireless 1000 bgn, my problem is that I tried to install an Intel centrino advanced-n + wimax 6250 and I recieved the error 1802, so I cannot access to my notebook. What I found very wierd is that they offer me this card at the moment that I was getting the laptop in Can any one give me a hand with this problem? or any link if I need to buy this card only from lenovo.

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Re: X100e Wireless Replacement?



According to the Lenovo ThinkPad T420i Hardware Maintenance Manual, the part number for the Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 is 60Y3195.




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Re: X100e Wireless Replacement?

I have the x100e and it is running w10 pro 64 bit. I had 2 issues develope, it came with a single Hynix 2 gb ram chip I dropped in another EXACT same chip for 4 boot. I flipped sockets etc no boot, swapped modules they both work, so I popped in a 1 gig chip all good with three gigs...hmmmm thinking maybe a bios update but the site is a nightmare to thats one issue, the other issue is I have the 60Y3195 Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 wifi installed and interestingly I can't switch it on. Yes I know the key stroke, yes I can go into wifi properties and do the on screen toggel it 'slides' over but then goes right back to 'off' all on it's own, wierd. I uninstalled it etc etc, numerous reboots on and on. I have even tried some third party drivers to no avail. At this point I am stumped. I am simply building this to flip (that's what I do) and I already have a new battery and power supply coming for it...I can't in good concious flip it with a USB wifi dongel. I like this little turkey plenty of spunk...but this issue has me scratching. Thanx for any slick idea's.

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Re: X100e Wireless Replacement?

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Ok I solved my own problem and it wasn't easy. In a desperate attempt at avoiding IBM bloatware, I had to throw in the towel. First Installed some of the Lenovo utilities, power manager etc etc. I also went to Intel for the drivers for the wifi. That done, the wifi still did work right correctly until I unchecked the power save for the wireless walla got wifi! The next thing was to downlaod the latest bios with that lappy from Lenovo, saved it. Shut off all the annoying bloatware. I had to run the bios update in compatability mode for w7 64bit, it hung on the last block #1 of 33 BUT I had a full green bar, so I forced shut down and restarted bingo new bios. Shut down again dropped in that second stick of 2 gig for a total of 4, rebooted and bamn....w10 64 it with 4 gigs of ram. I am leaving it alone now it works. GD luck FYI have a few hours to suffer through their web site etc...

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