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What's DOS?
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

Hi there,


Any news on that topic? I'm checking Lenovo online store quite often, x100 is gone here in Ireland, the only one left is X201. Still no x120e :/ Hey Lenovo, should I really believe you want to decide what's best for your customers instead of giving them a chance to decide for themselves (about selling x120e in US and "growing markets")? BTW, anybody knows when in EU (somewhere to the east I presume) x120e is available?





Serial Port
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

Life's too short - I gave up chasing/'waiting for the x120e, with its unspecified availability here in the UK,and the catalogue of issues with it in the States. I'm now the owner of an Edge 11 Intel, and pretty happy with it. Matt screen was important to me, so I chose an off-the-shelf model that had this (NVY5EUK), which also has built-in 3G broadband via Gobi 2000. I suspect the Intel i3 outperforms the AMD Fusion. Probably weighs in at a few ounces more, but no big issue. From the Edge Forum here, I certainly got the impression of fewer technical problems with the Edge. Time will tell ... !

Paper Tape
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

I too have skipped the wait and ordered an Edge 11. I made use of the Mother's Day 30% off memory coupon and made a total saving of something like £16 on the web price once shipping was added. Matte cover, matte screen, Dual Core AMD and 4 delicious phat Gs of RAM for just £405. eVoucher code EDGEMEMORY, ends Sunday. Happy shopping!


My sister also needs a new laptop though, and we came to an agreement that if the x120e comes out here within the next few months, she'll buy the Edge off me for what I paid minus 5%. LOOK LENOVO. I bought a laptop from you, and if you release the x120e over here, I'LL BUY ANOTHER ONE Robot surprised

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

I am really disappointed in Lenovo, This looks like my ideal laptop, but paying £500+ for an Dual Core X100e (open box) is a bit much when you can get a Dual Core X120e from the US for £300 (+Taxes). Will there be any warranty validation if buying from the US? I emailed Lenovo Uk and got a generic answer that I would have to chat to someone else and that -


Please note that we do not have any information at this stage if the 
Thinkpad X120e will be available outside the US.


So that's not a definitive no, they just don't have any information....

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

BrownWallet, how are you finding the battery life of your AMD edge? Does it get close to the 6 hours promised?
Punch Card
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?


@junglerumble wrote:
Hi guys! This is my first post.

I ordered a x120e with e350, 4gb ram, 6 cell, and win 64bit last night! After reading these forums I'm nervous now and hope my x120e is in good shape and I'm not plagued by he issues mentioned in these parts.

are the new x120e's shipped with these issues (screen flickering, random BSODs, schizo trackpad) fixed?

Are they being shipped out faster now as well or do I have to wait 20 years for it to come?

this is my first laptop purchase and I'm super nervous :/


I just got mine last week, so far so good.  No problems what so ever.  I have been installing MS updates & my own software collection without any flickering issues, crashing/freezing, or trackpad issue.  Sleep & Hibenate works great as well.  (I have had loads of problems with this in my work Dell laptop)


I have almost the same config as you except I did 2 hardware upgrades myself.

1) I added a stick of 4GB G.Skill memory to make a total of 6GB.

2) I saw someone (I think it was HiVolt) mentioned that he took the HD and clone it before turning on the machine for the 1st time.  That's a great idea so I did the same with the Seagate Momentum XT (SSD Hybrid) 500GB drive I bought.  I used Acronis True Image Home 2011 and it works like a charm.


Funny thing is my Windows 7 Prem Home didn't have SP1 pre-installed so my windows update took a while.  The bios I have is already 1.11.


There are 2 things I have noticed. 

1) is the video playback quality is not very good.  It is quite pixelated in most viewers except VLC Player.  For some reason the playback thru VLC Player is very clear & sharp.  I'll probably post this question in a thread separately to see if others have seen this.

2) My x120e can't seem to boot from the USB bootable Acronics True Image Home 2011 rescue media.  I had to use my desktop to do the cloning of the Hard drives.


I am very happy with my purchase so far.


Good Luck!

What's DOS?
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

I like the rest of you came to the conclusion that the x120e was the perfect laptop that fit all of my requirements, with the only issue being that of non availability in europe.


I emailed customer services asking when it would be available in the UK, the following is the response I received on the 18th May.




Dear Carl,


Thank you for contacting the Lenovo Online Store.


X120e is available in the US  but unfortunately it will not be offered

in Western Europe.


As an alternative the X121e will be launched around second half of next





So it looks like I will be getting the laptop I want without resorting to eBay and importing from the US.


Just thought I would share this with all those that are desperate to get the x120e living in europe.

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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

X121e? O_O

W520: 2960XM, Q2000M @ 1091/1380, 32GB RAM, 500GB&750GB HDD & 500GB SSD, FHD&MB168B+
X61T: L7500, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, XGA screen, Ultrabase
W550s: 5600U, K620M at 1164/1281, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 3K touchscreen
X200s: SL9400, 6GB RAM, 64GB SD card, WXGA+ screen
TPT1: 1839-23U
Paper Tape
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

Re X121e, see this thread.


If this is indeed in the pipeline, that might explain the current situation with the X120e in Europe.


Although, of course, it could be that the US will get this too and we'll still be stuck with the Edge.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: X120e: Buy now or wait?

Hi I need help,


I am from Turkey and I want to buy an x120e but there are no x120 e  sale in Turkey. I checked the European web sites of Lenovo to roder but there are no X120 e sale on any Eurpean Lenovo Shop. Where can I order an X 120 E any EU countires will be ok.


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