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What's DOS?
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X120e display backlight

I received the notebook from my uncle when he upgraded and I noticed that after I shut it down, the display is still partially lit from the top edge of the screen. This also happens when the timer shuts the screen off. The brightness of this light dims when I disconnect the power cord but it never shuts off. The only way the light does go out is of course, when I remove the battery. I've scowered the web looking for a fix but any related threads do not give any real insight. It's been a few years since this topic has come up so maybe someone may have some ideas. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X120e display backlight staying lit even when powered off

Mine also stays lit after the latop is powered off. The only way to turn the backlight off is to unplug the power cable (well that was for the first year or so it started doing this), as of two days ago I must remove the battery as well, otherwise it stays lit but just not as bright as with the power supply.


I am hoping you found a solution, a culprit, or any information at all.

I have searched the "web" (the modern so called web), and I have not found anything regarding this issue except for about 3 posts like this (no longer available on the Web or the search engines anyways) -- but all were without any resolution anyways, and no information as to how to start.


Please post back if you found any information regarding this. I would like to fix it now that it moved to the battery as well, but I have an information void with which to start.


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