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Fanfold Paper
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X121e FN Standby Bug

I posted this issue also in the german forum, but got no response since last week.


There seems to be a bug in the Bios 1.08 of X121 3051-5QG. Every thing works fine until windows (7 64 Bit Home Premium, UEFI RTM Install all updates (incl. SP1) installed) goes to standby and comes back. After this FN key is always pressed. So you have to press FN to get the native keys (ESC, f1-fn...). Additonaly i have enabeld change of FN and Ctrl Key. After Standby this is also ignored and both keys work like normal an not switched.


Going to Hibernate works fine and does not produce any trouble.


I could update to Bios 1.11, but i read a lot about problems updating Bios. There seem to be some problems when updating Bios from UEFI Systems. I know at least about 2 guys, where bios update seemed to work fine, but their thinkpad never came back to life after reboot. Because there is no info in the relase note, fixing this issue, i won't risk a bios crash for fixing issues that don't bother me.

Paper Tape
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

I can confirm that bug in linux too. Fn and Ctrl changed back, and Fn appears to be always pressed.


And also state that wlan doesn't come up again after resuming from suspend, it is hardware blocked. Both of these issues happen booting in UEFI mode.


As already mentioned by CC84, a BIOS update seems a bit too risky since the changelog doesn't mention anything about this bug being solved and not needing the extra features.

What's DOS?
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Betreff: X121e FN Standby Bug

Bug is still present in the newest efi version. Please fix this as it is very annoying.

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug



my X121e has the same problem. And there seem to be other machines affected. I know at least of another guy who owns an X220 with the same behaviour and another with a T-series device.


I just bought this machine and it's great so far except for this really annoying bug. If anyone from Lenovo could confirm, that this problem is at least worked on, that would be great. I have about 1 1/2 weeks to return this device and would like to know if this problem is going to be fixed.



Matthias Uschok

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug



my conf :  X21e Windows 7 Ultimate installed in vhd file. After exiting sleeping mode the fn key is always on. Last bios (janv. 2012) is installed but the bug persist.


Is reboot the only solution ???



Fanfold Paper
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

I'm using X121e with Win7 x64 and updated to Bios Ver.1.15. System does working fine, but i did't change the FN Key yet because it does not disturb me too much.
Paper Tape
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

I still have this problem with the latest bios (from april). After restarting, the function key is always on until you press it. Is it really impossible to fix this? What good is a laptop without standby?

Paper Tape
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

I can only confirm this error on my 3051-5YG, and that the fn key still remain stuck after suspend / resume (BIOS is in UEFI mode), it works afte normal reboot.


I have just updated to laptop to BIOS version 1.16, and problems like the RFkill hardware block problem have been fixed but my fn locked problem remains. 


I am using Debian Wheezy linux, but I this this has no relevans to this problem.


Please please please Lenovo, fix this very small problem.



Retired Support Specialist
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Hello all,


I would have to suggest going to the Lenovo support site and downloading the Power Management Driver and Program.

Also the Hotkeys Driver for your supported system.


Once downloaded/saved, I would uninstall the Power Manager from the Programs and Features tab in the Control Center.

After you are done uninstalling I would then Open your saved files and install the new program and drivers.

Please post back with your findings.


I hope this helps,



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Paper Tape
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Hi Alex ...


Thanks for taking interest, but for me at least there is no drivers to download for my installed system, as it runs on Debian Wheezy linux and no windows drivers are any good here. My laptop is a 30515YG, that was sold without any kind of windows, and even though the laptop was sold with a FreeDOS it may not be a suprise to anyone that it is mostly used for Linux folks like myself.


Now, everyting else now works (after AMD 12.6+point and the new BIOS 1.16) perfect in both Ubuntu and Debian Wheezy, and after the first boot the keyboard works as expected too. The FN key are working as expected, but after a suspend/resume the keyboard seems to work all but the FN key are now stuck in a reverse state. I have had both a T400, T400s and a T420s at work, where this is not a problem using the same linux dist and version.


This very much sounds to me like the BIOS init the keyboard in a differant way upon suspend/resume than a normal boot, and I hope that this may be fixed in a future BIOS update in a near future, as this would make me (and others) a very happy Lenovo user (again).


I hope this explains the problem better ...



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