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What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Same problem plaguing my laptop. I wasn't so worried when i discovered it a while back, thinking Lenovo would fix it soon enough. But it's been months without anything happening.


Does lenovo do bugfixes at all on the cheaper end thinkpads?

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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Too bad this still has not been fixed.

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Solution found!


First of all, i would like to comment on the fact that there are more than one thread about this problem and it still does not seem to have any interest to lenovo. Also the problem seems to be rather old. So well done lenovo. I feel like you care for my problems.


Well now. I stumbeled over a possible sollution, when i was reinstalling my OS and it wouldnt let me install an UEFI bootloader. Naturally i was forced to change the systems boot-method to legacy only.

After this i have not experienced the Fn-key to be "stuck-on".


The system boots as fast as before and i dont have the need for the large disk support..


Hope this can help.

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

good to see that there is a solution available. Well done & thanks for posting.

If I change back to the Legacy Boot option, windows does not boot anymore ( no OS found). Is there any option to change a Win 7 (x64) installation from UEFI back to Legacy Bios?

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e FN Standby Bug

Hi, everybody.

Does anyone started experimenting this kind of problem after installation of Windows 8?  Because it's what happened in my case... think it's same story since 8 uses UEFI

I'd appriciate as well  find a way to fix this without switching back to legacy (thus going back to Windows 7)
Hope someone of you guys find a way to pull this off.

Thanks !

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