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Punch Card
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Re: X121e loose hinge as on the picture

I have this problem too. I tried contacting Lenovo Support, but my warranty is expired, and they say it's not a manufacturing error. I do disagree on the latter point, but I've given up on waiting for them to admit it, so I've found and translated a German DYI solution here:


Haven't done it yet myself, but hope to get the parts to do it soon.


(Disclaimer: Assume that you will brick your laptop if you don't know what you're doing).

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e loose hinge as on the picture

Hey there. Lenovo community.

I work with it IT a school in Denmark, last year we bought x121e for 3 large classes 161 laptops to be exact, and over the last year we have had 15 - 20 with bad hinges and I know the difference between self inflicted damage and bad craftsmanship.

The problem with the hinges are caused by how you open the laptop if you open it in the middle you split the strain on the hinges but if you open it in one side all the strain are on one of the hinges.

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