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X121e very poor performance caused by corrupt image

by on ‎01-16-2012 08:22 PM (775 Views)



I bought a  X121e, type 3051-62G with pre-installed Windows 7 system. Prevously I have X201i 3323-BTG and R60 9456-HTG.


Problem with my new one started right after 1st installation reboot.


Here are the symtoms:

Windows boot takes about 7-10 minutes. All features in graphic environment are slow. While using one program, others go in not responsive state. Processor usage is in task manager only 20-30%. Hard drive makes noise constantly.


I have tried to resolve by:

Switched on and off antivirus, Updated bios. Updated all drivers with ThinVantage system update, Removed all unneccessary Windows ser vices(indexing etc.), removed some programs, Run check disk and defragment, Changed swap from auto allocation to auto and back, Run Windows performance troubleshoot.


I tested the hardware by setting up a dualboot Opensuse 12.1 and there is no performance problems, everything works fine on the linux side.


So this more or less perhaps Windows related? 



I noticed this X121e's Phoenix bios doesn't have built-in HDD diagnose test.


If the factory image on the C: partition is believed to be faulty or corrupt, it could be re-loaded to factory defaults using Rescue and Recovery and selecting the option to restore to factory default.  Be sure to back up all user data prior to undertaking this action as all data will be wiped away and the C: drive will be rebuilt from data stored on the hidden system partition.


Factory recovery disks may be ordered through service and may be provided for free or for a nominal fee depending upon the circumstances.   This particular case was resolved by reloading via the recovery disks.




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