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X1C (2014) not booting mobo issue

2016-08-01, 18:15 PM

We purchased three X1 carbons (2014 gen2) for our business in early 2015.


The first one had the dead motherboard/no boot issue within a week and was returned for a replacement. The second one had the same exact dead motherboard symptom, but fortunately occurred within one year of purchase, so was resolved by Lenovo service center under warranty (=> they acknowledged it was the motherboard and replaced it).


Lo and behold, the third one just died with the same exact no boot problem over this past weekend. Unfortunately, this one is now four months out of warranty so as you can imagine I now have quite a dilemma. Replacing the motherboard out of warranty costs an arm and a leg since almost everything is soldered onto the mobo (basically buying half a laptop computer).


Does anyone know what the underlying problem is for this problem? There are various posts on this forum and videos on youtube to show the symptoms, but no one has actually identified the issue, correct? For those who don't know, the laptop doesn't post. The fan activates and the keyboard lights up just for a second then just dims out and nothing ever shows up on the screen. No amount of pinhole resetting and battery draining/unplugging makes a difference.



I currently own a X31, T60, T61p, T410s, and these three x1c's. All the earlier thinkpads still chug along just fine. The X31 I had in college STILL works perfectly. I either have the worst luck, or X1C 2014 is a lemon.


I will probably try to get a mobo on ebay and replace it myself, or sell it for parts as is and get a dell.

Really just needed to vent about it. Thanks for reading. 




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