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X1C 5th Gen (Black) - Finish Appears to Be Chipping (or arrived chipped but I didn't notice)

2017-09-04, 0:20 AM

Hi All,


I'm a new X1C adopter and new to using Lenovo as my personal PC so I haven't interacted on the forum but have been browsing and found it to be a pretty great source of info along w/ the r/thinkpad community over in Reddit. Thank you in advance for all the useful information the mods and users share here. I am having an issue with my new X1C so I was hoping someone here could help. 


Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to assist. I really appreciate it.



The finish on my new black X1C-5th Gen appears to be chipping or may have arrived chipped but I didn't notice given the location (Please See Included Photo).



a) I haven't moved the machine from my desk so I'm a little disappointed to think that the finish might be so fragile that my thumbnail is chipping at the finish when I use the trackpad. Could this be possible for a milspec machine? It's the only other alternative I can think of since I don't wear a watch or jewelry.

b) I saw on the forum that some machines start off with small cracks/blemishes in the the finish and then that blemish grows as a result of use/being left untreated. I definitely want to avoid having that issue as I'm a fan of the machine and want to keep it in good working/cosmetic order.



1) Has anyone had this problem?

2) If so, could you kindly share some suggestions on how I could manage it?

3) Would it be reasonable to ask Lenovo to refinish or replace that part?

4) If 3 is simply an unrealistic long-shot, how should I touch up the finish to prevent further chipping? (i.e. I read that some people used Krylon Fusion Spraypaint but I'm not certain if I should also add a coat of crafting glaze or something else on top of the paint in order to prevent further chipping).


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Re: X1C 5th Gen (Black) - Finish Appears to Be Chipping (or arrived chipped but I didn't notice)

2017-11-29, 19:34 PM

I'm having a similar issue with my X1. The skin appears to be some kind of rubber or TPE compund, and it's easy to damage. I keep my laptop in one of the leather folio cases from lenovo as well, so it's well protected from bumps and scratches. In the course of a month, the rubber began peeling off the corner of the wrist rest <see attached image>. 


I decided to see what the warranty will cover and gave them a ring.  After a couple of questions a service rep opened a case for me and sent me a box. I'm going to be sending it in once I'm done with finals and I hope they just replace the lower deck assembly (its like $300 if you buy it from lenovo). 


When you spend a signifigant amount of cash on a "durable machine", you don't expect such flaws so prematurly. Good luck with your Thinkpad!


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Re: X1C 5th Gen (Black) - Finish Appears to Be Chipping (or arrived chipped but I didn't notice)

2018-08-13, 20:37 PM

Did you end up having the case replaced under warranty? I have a 2-month old close-to-top-of-the-line X1 Yoga and the black coating is chipping off the leading edge of the bottom half; I'm curious what, if any, support exists for this.


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Re: X1C 5th Gen (Black) - Finish Appears to Be Chipping (or arrived chipped but I didn't notice)

2018-10-02, 6:33 AM

Many people with the same problem here.





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