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X1C6 and Ultra Dock graphic related issues

Anyone finding stability with the X1C6 and the Ultra Dock to not be perfect? 


I'm finding sometimes the laptop won't wake from sleep properly, requiring me to hit the power button on the dock (to put back into sleep) and then to hit the power button again (to wake it up, which usually resolves the issue).  Sometimes when it wakes from sleep, I lose my background (just a teal colour) and it goes to a black background (which I can revert back to teal right away in my desktop options).  Also, every time I wake up, I find all my open apps are now only on Monitor 1 instead of where I left them (some on Monitor 1, some on Monitor 2) requiring me to spend a few seconds reorganizing.  Finally, I find that each time I wake up, some (not all) of the icons in my taskbar next to the clock begin to get blurry, with each wake worse until I log out / log back in.  


I do keep the laptop in clamshell mode when docked, with only my two external monitors in use and I have the laptop set up to not sleep when I close the laptop lid to ensure clamshell is as stable as possible.  


All of my drivers are up to date, and I am on the Windows 10 April update that just came out (but the issues began before the update). 


I never had issues like this on previous ThinkPad models with the previous Ultra Dock or OneLink Plus docks. 

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