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Fanfold Paper
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X1Y3: Polyphonic beep on boot



It's me again with a new issue with my X1Y3. It just doesn't end does it?

Previously I had issues with losing battery life despite the laptop being shutdown. I was recommended to turn off fast boot in Windows 10 which seems to have solved the issue relatively speaking.


Now I'm noticing if I boot up the laptop after having had it shutdown for a few hours, it lights up the keyboard, makes a polyphonic beep at boot, gives a blank screen, then the keyboard backlight turns off. I then have to hold the power button down for a few seconds then press the button again for the laptop to boot normally.


I've tried going through the threads that explain what each beep means. This beep does not fit into any of the listed beeps. 


edit: I'd just like to add this tends to occur when the laptop is booted from battery only. If it's plugged in the issue doesn't seem to occur, at least for now.

Token Ring
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Re: X1Y3: Polyphonic beep on boot

set you bios to default settings...

best regards...

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