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If my X200 is in Standby Mode, the change to Hibernate won´t work. (Without power plug)


Standby and Hibernate in manual way works.


Bios 3.18

Power Management Driver 1.62

Power Manager 3.59


The same issue on a X201 with Windows 7 64 Bit ("clean install" with System Update).



Powermanager: 3.52



The settings in the powermanager are:

  • standby after 5 minutes
  • hibernation after 10 minutes
  • hybride hibernation is off

using default settings (delivery-state) in the BIOS (delivered with Windows 7 32 bit)


The eventmanager only shows events before standby and after resume - no event why hibernation could not be entered.

After resume a "Power-Troubleshooter" - information message could be found in the event manager:

Event-Id: 1

"The system has been reactivated from hibernation ..."

But the system only was in standby (moon-LED on - resuming with Fn-Key)


If i change the settings to:

  • standby "never"
  • hibernation after 10 minutes

the Thinkpad hibernates after 10 minutes.




A setting must be properly configured in BIOS.


In BIOS -> "Config" - "Power" ->"Timer wake with battery operation" switch to "enabled" .


Then the change Standby->Hibernation works.


Additional info:


 Windows XP.


Moving from standby to hibernation only works  with "Config" - "Power" ->"Timer wake with battery operation" on "enabled" . The laptop wakes up from standby, writes the hibernation-file and turns off.


Take care of the warning in the BIOS when enabling  "Timer wake with battery operation"

(while carried, the hard disk can be damaged when the laptop switches from standby to hibernation). Another concern is that if the system fails to pass into hibernation, the system could overheat if it is a confined space like inside a bag.   Be sure the system is powered off or fully hibernated when transporting in a closed case.


Windows 7:

If "hybrid suspend" is enabled in the powermanager and  "Timer wake with battery operation" in the BIOS is disabled, the laptop keeps the standby.
If "hybrid suspend" is enabled in the powermanager and  "Timer wake with battery operation" in the BIOS is enabled, too, the laptop wakes up at hibernation-time, re-writes the hibernation file and turns off.



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Can you tell me settings to use for Windows 8? I want to be able to resume when laptop is OFF the Ultrabase. I also want to be able to resume when laptop is ON the Ultrabase, but with no battery (because why would I keep the battery when docked?)


With almost all OS, resuming from standby/hibernate is sometimes a problem for X200.