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Serial Port
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X200 DVI becomes unrecognized

For a second time now resuming from suspend results in a message from PRESENTATION DIRECTOR (V4.03). 


"Your computer is not attached to an external monitor or projector. Attach one and the select this scheme again"


 The first time I paid the authorized service folks and they fixed but were vague and evasive about explaining what they did to fix it. I had brought the machine there for another problem that is covered under warranty. (I plan to request a refund)


The DVI connection worked find for about a week then today I suspended with the digital display working just fine. When I woke the machine up the message above appeared once again. As before, if I disconnect the digital cable and connect the analog it works just fine but disconnecting the analog and reconnecting the digital continues to fail. 


The video drivers are at the latest level - Running XP SP3. The only software that has changed is enabling MS LIVE MEETING. Not sure if this the cuase but this happened the 1st time (20th) shortly after enabling MS LIVE MEETING (18th or 19th) and one the things I tried thinking it may have been a driver install was to do a system restore to a day (17th) prior to MS' last system update.


Puzzling... very puzzling

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 DVI becomes unrecognized

I am having the exact same problem!

Have you figured out a solution yet?

Serial Port
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Registered: ‎02-08-2009
Location: Vermont, USA
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Re: X200 DVI becomes unrecognized

It is definitely software not hardware. When it first occurred I update the video driver to and the problem disappeared for about a week then reoccurred. I found a thread on a forum that said "suspend and reawaken the machine". So I did and it was OK and has not reoccurred (knock wood) since. I cannot remember now where I found it. Good luck..


BTW - I use Presentation director but that seemed not to matter and I cannot remember if I reset the profile to DEFAULT before suspending. Try it and see.

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