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What's DOS?
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X200 Laptop: Wont turn on, or charge.

Yesterday morning, my laptop won't turn on, I tried to press the power button along with plugging the power cord. Nothing happens or change. A few hours or so, the laptop suddenly seems to be working perfectly fine, can charge and turn on. However, one time my laptop's heat was drastically accumulating and then turned off by itself. So, I left it open to cool down. Next time I use it, can't turn on anymore. Overheat that damaged something in my laptop? I have no idea.


Any help I would appreciate.

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Re: X200 Laptop: Wont turn on, or charge.

If it were mine, I would pull the main battery, open the laptop and disconnect the CMOS battery.  Let it sit 30 seconds, and reconnect everything.  If it starts, I would turn it off immediately.  I would then reseat the fan with fresh thermal paste.  (under the motherboard)


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Re: X200 Laptop: Wont turn on, or charge.

Had a very similar problem with my X220 recently. There was a problem once or twice where it not switch on. Then it became a problem of not switching on at all.

I took it apart (twice) but nothing worked. I eventually took it a repair shop and they said my motherboard was bad. Recommended that I did not repair.

Decided that it was time to purchase new (I'd had the X220 for 7 years and had made multiple upgrades to it).  I purchased a X280 -- very happy with that.

Started packing up all the old X220 power supplies, dock, etc.  Tried powering it on one last time.  It powered on!!  What was different you ask?  I had removed the SSD (and reformatted and put in a PC).  The X220 booted up off of the mSATA drive that had Windows 7 on it.


Suggest you look into removing your SSD and rebooting from an USB drive?  You may get lucky.

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