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Blue Screen Again
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X200 Warranty Issue

Hello lads!

I am preparing to buy a X200s from some Notebook Ownership Programme for Universities Students in Hong Kong. Anyway, this is not important, but the RAM is not quite enough, 1GB only. So, I must purchase another RAM. So I want to know if I purchase a RAM outside Lenovo and install it into the new unit, will the Warranty be voided?


1 more thing, the model type see here doesn't have the Intel Turbo Memory Module installed and I would like to know whether I can buy it from Lenovo or elsewhere and install it in X200.



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Re: X200 Warranty Issue

installing your own ram do not void your warranty.
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Re: X200 Warranty Issue



It depends which version of Turbo Memory your machine will take. Version 1 (the one with 1GB RAM), make no noticeable difference to performance and have been headache for many.


The next avatar which is already available on several models from Lenovo as 2 GB module. However, I would at least wait till 4GB is inexpensively available in market. Apparently Intels new drivers have an interesting concept for 4GB varient of turbo memory. You could drag and drop your frequently used application or those that take a long time to boot, and turbo-mem will keep them there ready to be launched quickly.


Further if you are anyway going to increase the RAM, take it up to 3GB for Vista 32 or 4GB for Vista 64. And this much RAM turbo mem would not make any measureable difference.



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