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X200 / X200s Harsh Palmrest or just the tablet?

Hi All. I'm trying to decide whether the X200 / X200s is right for me. Love the size, battery life, power and current price of both models. However, I have used an X200 tablet at work and I get sore wrists and shoulders from using it, perhaps because my long wrists hang off the the short palmrest and the rough edge of the palm rest digs into my wrists while I type. After half an hour or so, I have to stop from the pain.


Now I've noticed in pictures that the X200 seems to have a slope at the end of its palm rest while I know that the tablet has a straight, harsh edge. Is the palm rest any different on the other X200 models than on the tablet? And is there a difference between the X200 and X200s palmrest?


I really love the soft, rubberized material on the X300/X301 (typing on those is a dream) but the X301 is a lot more expensive and battery life - even with the 6-cell - is not as good. Is the palm rest material any softer on the X200 or X200s than on the tablet I used?



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Re: X200 / X200s Harsh Palmrest or just the tablet?

the flat surface of the palmrest on the tablet model is due to the fact that the screen in tablet mode must lie flat, which is why it is uncomfortable, this is also true for X61t, which is not present in the X61. So i guess it is also true for the x200/s and the x200t.




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Re: X200 / X200s Harsh Palmrest or just the tablet?

What you're describing is an emerging issue with many adults trying to use laptops that are becoming smaller in the fashion of netbooks.


Have you considered voice req ? To avoid pretenion but I know what you mean, I'm over 6ft and had the sameoverhang issue since 2006 (which is why I'm the T43's biggest fan) and finally just got a quality dongle  mic (Olympus TP7) and clip it to my collar instead of the over ear / wrap around head set normally used for online games and 911 dispathers.


MS Office voice req is better than most give it credit for and Dragon Naturally ver 9.5 and better has more bells and abilities to control OS functions.


for those tasks that demand typing, a decent B/T keyboard that lays flat but folds slim like the Freedom Universal KB is easy to carry and comfortable to type at since my palms lay on the same surface as the keys.


I used to be a devout user of the 4cordian Stowaway's but their premium cost didn't justify their tendency to fail and they can't withstand a drop from desk height w/o cracking somewhere and failing to close properly afterwards. I was buying a new Stowaway every year and blowing $125 every time but the Freedom's cost about $75 and just fold in half without the useless metal stowaway sleeves so the weight is feather.

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