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Paper Tape
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X200 and Intel's Turbo Memory



I've got my x200 being shipped out, and I'm thinking about getting turbo memory, and have a few questions for y'all


First, does anyone know if I need the full or a half size pci module?


Second, I've read about some of the problems with the early drivers and dashboard and whatnot, and would like to know from people who run the turbo memory if it were better to get the 2GB module, and just let Vista take care of the management, or to get the 4GB module, and pin things myself... or if the 4GB module can be managed by Vista yet, like the 2GB can.





Token Ring
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Re: X200 and Intel's Turbo Memory

Save yourself money and hassle.


Just buy a 2GB SD card for <$10.  You will get almost the exact same effect of TurboMemory at a fraction of the cost.


Alternatively, you would be far better served to just max out your RAM.  DDR3 prices have fallen considerably and you can get a 2GB module for <$50 now.

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 and Intel's Turbo Memory

Thanks, Jon...


Yeah, I thought about using an SD card, And I'm already going to max out the RAM;


I use SD cards alot for various other things already, so I was thinking along the lines of keeping the slot free;


But I've read about people being able to use the turbomemory sucessfully and to good effect on this machine (which BTW is the first computer I've ever actually owned Smiley Very Happy), so I'm trying to see all my options. 


I suppose there's also the option of getting an slc ssd for the ExpressCard slot, too.


But I'm thinking that, if people have met with success using user pinning for particular programs, then I could allocate the turbomemory to specific apps; ect.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X200 and Intel's Turbo Memory

I have the 2GB turbo memory installed on my x200. My ram right now is 4GB with a 5400 hdd. To be honest, it really isn't necessary. It might be something nice to have but I really doubt you'll notice much of a speed difference in it. I do see it here and there but that's it. I do notice a bit of a battery gain on it, but again, not much considering how long battery life is with the nine-cell. If you have a 7200 hdd, it probably really isn't worth it.

The pinning thing sucks to be honest. Its not very stable and some programs actually crash if you pin them, ex: web browsers (even though they showed it on the example video...), instant messengers, some parts of office, security packages (okay, that probably is pushing it a bit). The point is, the pinning is a gimmick and will cause you more trouble than its worth. If you do plan on getting the turbo memory, I suggest just letting windows handle it. You must remember to DISABLE hybrid sleep if you are indeed going to install one and use it. It conflicts with the hard drive airbag and causes your laptop to freeze forcing a hard reset and lost of data you were working on (learned that the hard way).

Regarding allocating it to something else if you don't pin, don't even think about it, it isn't that flexible. In fact, the thing itself isn't really flexible at all. The only thing you can control is the pinning which sucks already. If I could, I wish i never ordered this part because it really is a waste of money. Save the money for an SSD and if you still think you need that tiny speed gain, then well, $100 is pretty cheap money spent for a failed experiment that gets you tiny speed boost and equally tiny battery life gains ;]


I also second the SD card suggestion if you need a quick fix.

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