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X200 integrated camera:hardware or software problem?

First time turned on this machine, the system complained about 5U875 device has no driver. I tryed to auto install but fails. I rebooted it everything looks normal.


Now after running ThinkVantage update, 5U875 device has no driver error pops up again. 5U875 listed under other device at device mananger. Hardware id: VID: 05CA, PID: 18FF, device name Ricoh. I checked all version of Lenovo/IBM integrated camera drirver, they all show VID: 17FF, no wonder why it cannot install.


I rebooted numerious, tryed to install other generic 05CA driver, all fails with error 10. But the dramatic thing is, after I fully turned off, then turned on. The 5U875 is back to normal, even no driver attempted to install. At this time, VID=17FF, PID=4807, vendor name: Lenovo.


It seems to me 5U875 has two levels of control, 05CA:18FF is Ricoh controller chip, it is always ON. 17FF:4807 is webcam itself. This is controlled by BIOS or other hardware. Now it seems to me 17FF:4807 is not ON properally so the system complains. 


Anyone has similar problem? I called Lenovo they asked me to send it back. But I don't believe it is hardware problem. More like webcam control at new BIOS has problem.



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Re: X200 integrated camera:hardware or software problem?

I havectly the same problem Smiley Mad One day I turned on my X200 Tablet and I got a message that 5U875 Device has no drivers installed. Tried instaling the latest drivers from Lenovo for camera but no luck. Even turning the tablet completly off and on doesn;t help. The driver instalation just quits without any message.

Anyone has an idea how to solve this problem and get the integrated camera to work ?

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Re: X200 integrated camera:hardware or software problem?

some probleme here. Any solutions so far?

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Re: X200 integrated camera:hardware or software problem?

Ricoh 5U875 device is associated with the card reader on the X200. I try to find the Ricoh driver but it is not listed on the Lenovo website, under X200. 




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