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Paper Tape
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X200 - ordering a German Keyboard in the US

Hello fellow Thinkpad users, I bought a X200  two months ago, and since then I have tried to find a german keyboard for it. I know the part numbers (42T3740 and 42T3674, the last one is NMB I think...), but the IBM-parts people, as well as the Lenovo support told me, that they won't be able to ship a german keyboard in the US. Since I still have to write a lot of stuff in german, just keeping the US keyboard is no option for me. Do some of you know what I can do about the problem, e.g. where to order a german keyboard? Thank you very much, and please excuse my english Smiley Happy



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Re: X200 - ordering a German Keyboard in the US

Try ordering through the German Lenovo/IBM parts site?
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Re: X200 - ordering a German Keyboard in the US

welcome to the forum!


since you have the part numbers, call the IBM maintenance parts department directly at 800-388-7080 (options 2:1:1) and have them order the keyboard for you.   i've ordered over a dozen japanese layout keyboards through the parts department over the years and would think finding a german keyboard would be easier.

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