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Paper Tape
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X200 palmrest copper foil purpose

Hi there everybody,
I recently bought an x200, and of course i had to open it, clean it, and i also adjusted some light keyboard flex with tape on the keyboard back, noticing that under the palm rest, there is a foil made of aluminum, and one made of copper.
Both of these get bent over the palm rest, i guess to touch the keyboard, which is not something i could be sure it is happening, but after i adjusted the flex, it seems the palm rest in the left side, the one with the copper, on top of the pcmcia, is getting hotter, so maybe the keyboard wasn't touching the copper before. I don't know.
So, is that there for some heat dissipation gathered from the keyboard, or is it a faraday cage sort of thing, to shield something, but then why is it supposed to touch the keyboard? Or isn’t it?
Also, the keyboard cannot take too much heat, having just the margins and a few other small spots uncovered on the underside, the rest is covered in some plastic. And the supposed connection with the copper foil is about 1 cm wide, going to about 3mm wide after that for a length of 1cm or so. It couldn’t help that much, but yet, the palm rest appears to be hotter.
The keys above that area are also a bit warm, so the keyboard must have some kind of heat dissipation function also.
Maybe it’s just a bit of extra cooling, although the heatsink and fan appear to be doing a good job with that.
I was hoping somebody more knowledgeable here can shed some light over this.
Thank you.

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 palmrest copper foil purpose

Hi, I'm also curious as my x200 also has the same excessive heat problem over the same left areas: 

-left palm rest, above pcmcia slot

-left keyboard area


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