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X200s + OCZ Vertex 3 cold boot problems


I installed an OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 drive in my Lenovo X200s Thinkpad laptop (drive firmware 2.15, latest X200 bios) and have had endless problems with coldboots. I have win7 (64 bit) and ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit) installed and can only get into the GRUB2 menu once in 3-5 times (loads of ctrl-alt-delete or off until I get through). However, going to sleep then restarting the machine works fine.

win7 doesn't work with AHCI enabled (loads of random BSODs) but Ubuntu is fine. In compatibility mode, win7 boots but may not have liked the latest updates, will need to come back to that later.

I've checked other forums (including the OCZ forum) and the solution right now seems to be to upgrade the drive firmware to the latest 2.15 version and to "secure erase" the drive before reinstalling. People who have "secure erased" their drives are fine for a few days but then the problem reappears. RMAing the drive doesn't seem to help either.

So basically, what I'm asking is if anyone's been through the same cold boot problems and / or managed to fix this.


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Re: X200s + OCZ Vertex 3 cold boot problems

Obviously it is the OCZ Vertex 3 flaw. I have a friend finally threw it away and brought a Plextron one. Please have it replaced. I think you should get the hint that the drive is buggy when AHCI causes BSODs.
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